MURDER DRONES – Episode 3: The Promening

MURDER DRONES – Episode 3: The Promening

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37 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    Ohhhhh boy. There’s gonna be a Murder on the dance floor 🔪😈
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  2. Jake Shepherd says:

    From what I’m seeing, it appears that every Disassembly Drone has an Absolute Solver program and it seems really powerful with little downsides. But Doll’s apology to Uzi when she realizes Uzi also has it gives me the theory that the Absolute Solver requires the user to regularly consume oil otherwise it will destroy its user from the inside. Which is why Uzi was only able to use it properly after consuming some oil.

  3. Le Kornor Bros. says:

    The Murder Drones is a perfect example of over the top violence being perfectly okay as long as victims aren’t organic. It’s also a good example of materials containing over the top violence being entertaining if there’s a good balance between it and elements that make the story, like characters, writing and various plot points.

    • Vector says:


    • Rob Rib says:

      samuri jack got away with some great battle scenes on CN because of this too, it can be a good trick to use

    • Dean Colon says:

      @Thegrimgobler I think that there is a rouge program going though their systems causing the need to cleanse the robots because well they are dangerous look at uzi she made a railgun and convinced the robots ment to eliminate them to help… let me check my notes… ah exterminate humanity for sending in the extermators… let’s see here… ah because the colony was wiped out for mysterious reasons that the drones don’t know… one of them has to know. Oh and extra theroy Uzi has why the humans are dead in her hence the reason she wants to kill unlike just about every other bot

    • Thegrimgobler says:

      I feel like any time artificial life like this exists in media, utterly horrific and usually completely undeserved things happen to them. Anyone here play budget cuts vr? How many of the office worker bots did you stab in the head for being mildly annoying? Plus the fact that the security bots were only only obeying direct instructions to kill you, in order to both probably save their own existence, that of their friends and that of the system of life that they all rely on for survival. Basically nothing in the game deserved to die. And yet, almost everything probably did. Painfully. If not from you, than from when the company inevitably folds entirely because of the owners death, the deaths of around 99.999% of employees, the fact that it nearly wiped humanity out, and the major destruction of its infostructure. Most of the surviving bots were probably either sold of, or scraped because they were nearly used to wipe out humanity. So yea, any time robots like these pop up, something dad I’d garentied to happen to them.

    • Dean Colon says:

      well I think next episode a human is about to be delimbed and mangled… probably will leave and be a simi-constant threat

  4. Megi Moon says:

    It’s great to see Uzi finally caring more about N and actually being worried when he is hurt even if he can repair damage on his body.

  5. Vanndy MayWho says:

    About time V got some development but one thing I really like is how when J attempted to kill N she did their salute halfheartedly, still showing she just doesn’t respect N at all. But when V cut off N’s head to temporarily stop him she did the salute normally, showing some respect for N despite him not being able to see it.

    I like how it shows V while still being a murder loving cannibal she actually cares a little bit for her comrade, and that she is starting to show restraint around worker drones by not just devouring them on sight.

    Also J is back as well as a New Murder “Drone” appears on the scene. I say that because she doesn’t look like the others and is wearing a mask. Also probably not far fetched to think that there are multiple copies of the same personality so that’s why J is back, they are robots.

    • RoboNator says:

      if you mean the person at the end with the companion drone, to me it seemed clear they were supposed to be human. For one, they have a name tag and job title, for two they use a dedicated weapon (sword) rather than integrated weaponry like hand-guns, and three they are entirely covered unlike every other character we’ve seen who has exposed metal, joints, etc.

    • Caroline Bleuler says:

      Yea thats Tessa

    • Rogelio A. Loya says:

      Actually the “new murder drone” isn’t a drone at all, it’s the little girl we see in the flashback of episode 2

  6. SparkyCas says:

    Oh man episode 4 is gonna be a bag to solve, this one was certainly a brainer as for the episode itself. The little bug things from episode 1 felt like they were hinting something.
    And by the looks of how oil effects worker droids, like uzi or doll (with exception of doll being a little more experienced), whoever built the worker droids in the first place were used for manipulating matter in way that benefited humans, though as we can, this might be a different case of cause for abandoned workers like these. I love the throwback to the animation from before.
    I love the reference to touhou, during the fight, although maybe unintentional.

  7. ArtzLaxper says:

    Without a doubt, this presentation has been the most epic I’ve seen in all of Glitch, but there’s a lot to discover and the true mysteries that Murder Drones keep. Great job Liam and Glitch are Master’s!!!

  8. Swish Fish says:

    I’ll never get tired of these indie cartoons insisting on putting their leading ladies in dresses. Dresses are based. <3

  9. Proxog says:

    it’s great especially the phrase “you’re just in time for dinner” .damn I’m glad that j is back because her character makes the plot unpredictable

  10. shinitagari says:

    13:47 i am so OBSESSED with how the music syncs with the twirl and dip, then N loading his canon and uzi catching the knife, then both firing on beat and finishing with the knife wizzing past doll’s fringe. the music during the fight scene was already amazing but the cool moments of synced choreo really pushed it over the edge!

    *edit : also just noticed that their pose at **13:50** resembles the poses of the prom figurines! such a cool detail*

    • shinitagari says:

      @Torchi same here!! i’ve been watching the scene on repeat lol!

    • Torchi says:

      The first time I noticed this, I had to replay the scene at least 10 times just to appreciate it. Syncing music to action is always something I love, and this did it so perfectly with those small details.

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