MURDER DRONES – Episode 6: Dead End

MURDER DRONES – Episode 6: Dead End

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Lots of monsters in this episode… WHY ARE THERE SO MANY MONSTERS?!

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45 Responses

  1. GLITCH says:

    BRAND NEW Murder Drones Poster and merch just dropped ►
    All sources of funding go towards the production of Murder Drones episodes ♥🙂

    This was… this was definitely one of the biggest episodes we’ve worked on yet haha. Lots of monsters, lots of pew pew.
    Hope you guys enjoyed it 💖

  2. Hunter Smith says:

    Gosh, considering how many deaths their have been in this show this is the first time someone I cared for died. A really outstanding and emotional episode.

  3. Memernade says:

    When a YouTube show is better than anything Netflix could dish out

  4. Darya says:

    I’ve never cried over the death of one character for so long. It was in this series that V was revealed to the end. You showed her the real one. She’s just incredible. This death was too unexpected. I wasn’t ready
    Each time the series becomes more interesting and better, the characters are revealed more and more accurately. For the sake of this masterpiece, you can wait for months)

  5. Ace magalor says:

    I like how even though Tessa values the drones more than the humans on episode 5 She’s still kind of bigoted against them. She clearly views V and N more like pets than actual people and doesn’t seem to care much for Uzi either. She also kinda flaunts her humanity around, acting as if because she’s human she’s able to boss around the raptors

    • ReddwarfIV says:

      The raptors’ orders are to “eliminate all AI targets”. By rights, they shouldn’t be able to attack Tessa.

    • Tony Nguyen says:

      Also the way J sounds so disappointed when Tessa orders her to look after the ship. J even called Tessa her “boss,” which isn’t necessarily wrong but still a bit sad.

    • Sixerlive says:

      @ReddwarfIV yeah U right, but Tessa in her space suit could on a visual look, -appear to look like a drone as I sought the raptors have any better sensors than a Their eyes

  6. Pastel_ Palette says:

    Seeing V take such a protective stance around Uzi just goes to show how much she’s changed from just a couple episodes ago. She used to see Uzi as a threat to N, a threat to the one the person she cared for, but after realizing that N cares for her, she does everything she can to help her (albeit somewhat begrudgingly). This maturity makes her sacrifice all the more heartbreaking, and she starts it off with a somber, “hey— um” and N doesn’t even have to look in order to know what she’s doing. They have so much backstory together, it’s a bit sad to see V get rejected just as she starts to become herself again.

    • @guruz24 says:

      V could have taken them…they have those tail harpoon things for a reason. Sacrifice just seemed a little needless.

    • Cam TheMan says:

      Do you think she will return? J’s words suggest she will return given V was super effective as a drone.

    • WhatsJamesName says:

      @@guruz24I doubt she wouldn’t have still been over run with the needle and she can’t look at them before they’d have boot looped her

  7. Ren says:

    Did anybody else notice that this is THE FIRST TIME in the entire series that V called Uzi by her name, previously only reffering to her as “thing” or something simillar.

    That’s how you know she trusts her and how much her character has developed…

  8. Lock Chain says:

    Let’s just commemorate V for having the care to save Uzi. She deserves to live longer than she is, I really hope she lives to see another day.

  9. ThatOneVeryOriginalName says:

    I love how every tense scene can have it’s joking moments while still keeping it’s stakes high. They really found the sweet spot for it.

  10. Random guy On the internet says:

    Beau wasnt the side character we needed, but a side character we deserved. May he rest in pieces

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