The Fastest Way to Lose Half a Million Dollars. My Ferrari is Gone.

The Fastest Way to Lose Half a Million Dollars. My Ferrari is Gone.

I regret to inform everyone that my $400,000 Ferrari F8 and rental minivan with only 5,000 miles on it has recently burned down to a pile of ash. This was a complete accident and I originally intended on filming so many more things with the car, but this was a great lesson to do even more crazy things before your car catches on fire. Tis But A Scratch! We will be back Ferrari…

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47 Responses

  1. Dad says:

    Cody really made that Ferrari cease and desist

  2. Do It With Dan says:

    I know you’re use to destroying things for content, and I have always loved that. It was inevitable the Ferrari was going to be destroyed, but I have a feeling it was earlier than you wanted. I hate that for you, but I know you’ll get something cooler to destroy next.

  3. Can It Be Saved says:

    Cody is the reason we have warning labels. And now Ferrari has to make one saying “Don’t drive this vehicle through a corn field.”

    • The Bus Bums says:

      I guess, don’t drive any vehicle through corn fiels (well, not like that atleast) guess the brakes get hot enough to light the husk. Wild

    • Chris Hammer says:

      Or rental cars

    • Adierit says:

      @The Bus Bums Not the brakes, the hot exhaust runs through the entire bottom of the vehicle. It’s why all the fires started from under the cars. Ferrari is rear engined, hence why the fire was at the rear. The hot exhaust hangs low enough to light that dried out corn field like a box of matches.

    • Kara Rainbow-Dash says:

      Legend… Wait for it, -dary.

    • Pitch Radio says:

      Nah he ain’t gonna try to sue Ferrari for not having a warning. Its not Cody, he accepts responsibility for his actions.

  4. JP1ll says:

    Cody is definitely the one that would say just run to the Ferrari store 😂

    • NAMAN says:

      Cody inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They’d buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally

    • CDeezy says:

      When danny duncan says my daddy own this place im pretty sure hes using it as an inside joke in reference to this cody dude lmao

  5. Moose TV says:

    I guess it won’t float on water 😢

  6. Old Greg's Garage says:

    The shots driving through the corn field before it caught on fire were actually cool af

  7. edgar chapa says:

    Love how Cody wasn’t even worried about the cars and just worried about the fire spreading

    • Chicken Nuggets says:

      Right thing to be worried about

    • Dylan Losasso says:

      i love cody but they went to the most flammable place around, in the middle of a dry hot summer, with no fire gear… its by absolute luck that nothing happened to that field!

    • VRCShortys says:

      land costs a lot more than cars

    • Joost says:

      You are actually believing that? It’s all for the views….

    • Oneslackr says:

      The whole thing was staged. He was going to destroy that POS Ferrari anyway & they already knew that driving through a corn field could catch a car on fire but they did it again. Plus it’s odd that the van also caught on fire almost at the same time (the fire didn’t spread to the van from the Ferrari). Besides, why would you stop the van next to another car that is on fire when it could have easily been stopped further away unless you were trying to ensure that both vehicles went fully up in flames. This video is phony like pretty much everything else on YT & on the internet.

  8. Lochlann13 says:

    Well we can honestly say this man has never clickbaited us

  9. Henrique Queiroz says:


    I wouldn’t be surprised if Ferrari filed a restraining order on this man to keep him from literally physically entering another dealership for the rest of his chaotic life.

    10/10 Great content.

    • Josh Repik says:

      Good thing private property can be sold by citizens

    • Turboy says:

      Ferrari is ultimately in the business of selling its products and so they will sell him another one if he walks in with the cash to do it. It doesn’t harm Ferrari if a customer torches his car by accident while having fun with it.

    • Agro Vasco says:

      Theyll happily watch him dstroy the next one as well. Money talks

  10. Charlie18 says:

    You know Cody is a genuinely good guy when he’s concerned about the persons field more than the Ferrari and the Denta car

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