San Diego County under Tropical Storm Warning as Hilary approaches

San Diego County under Tropical Storm Warning as Hilary approaches

Hurricane Hilary churned off Mexico’s Pacific coast Friday as a powerful Category 4 storm threatening to unleash torrential rains on the mudslide-prone border city of Tijuana before heading into Southern California as the first tropical storm there in 84 years.

Forecasters warned the storm could cause extreme flooding, mudslides and even tornadoes across the region.


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48 Responses

  1. jin says:

    As a New Orleans native who has lived through many tropical storms and hurricanes, y’all aren’t taking this seriously enough. And it’s painful to see.

    • Eli says:

      We know earthquakes, not tropical storms

    • Masha says:

      Please share your advise 🙏🏻 I’m in a danger zone (Palm Springs), and it’s killing me that everyone is so chill. I’m thinking about leaving, just trying to figure out the best direction in the time I have

    • Annette Spradlin says:

      Because we don’t live below sea level

    • Sean B says:

      @Eli, One of the things to worry about, is actually earthquakes; there is a new paper by SDSU/UCSD with NASA that there appears to be a link between how filled the salten sea is and earthquake activity. The paper also suggests that the lack of water might be the reason why the “big one” is “overdue.”

    • Lademoiselle Ketoret says:

      Super painful. Even if nothing major happens, just seeing the mental health conditions of these ppl is real painful. I’m just watching and debating if I should pop some popcorn or what… I think the Hollywood machine has permanently suspended belief for these ppl. 🥺😕

  2. Paul Palumbo Jr says:

    As a Floridian, a TS can be pretty destructive. No not everyone puts up/closes their hurricane shutters… until a Hurricane Watch is issued; however, during the last Tropical Storm, I closed mine especially where my doors were facing. On an ocean front… you’re taking huge risks and honestly insurance providers shouldn’t pay out if you choose not to do anything to protect property.

    • linger4605 says:

      Yep, but Florida is somewhat prepared for even weak hurricanes. California isn’t even the slightest prepared for this. It’s going to be very destructive if it hits with strength. Buildings aren’t built for this lol

    • FU2 says:

      @linger4605 lmfao 🤣 💀 😂 😭. This little storm is NOTHING. I feel bad for my banana trees but nothing i will lose sleep over 🤣

    • A.L Castle says:

      As another Floridian I think you don’t understand the topography of California and how that will literally shred the storm in the pieces the only thing Californians need to be worried about is landslides and in reality there’s no way to prepare for that because we don’t even deal with that in Florida

    • linger4605 says:

      @FU2 Not everyone will get to say what you say. Remember, just because nothing bad happens to you, doesn’t mean it’ll be so easy for everyone else.

  3. Carrie Buckley says:

    Sad that most us are not taking this serious. Weather is soooo unpredictable this thing can completely change once it hits our coastlines. Thank you to everyone on here who’s been through this giving advice. i hope those who need it, use it 🙏

    • Kenneth Boike says:

      Praying for you all!

    • I Enjoy Watching You Sleep says:

      We are above sea level, so people aren’t worried about storm surges (the most popular factor of a Tropical Storm/Hurricane) but floods caused by torrential rain and clogged drainage systems is possible

      Plus, every other person here is a surfer so they are excited to head down San Diego and ride the waves 🤣🤦‍♂️

    • JayDao says:

      @I Enjoy Watching You SleepWishing the best, but do not act so casual. This is a serious fucking deal.

    • Quantum says:

      @I Enjoy Watching You Sleep As a person who lived in socal. and who now lives in FL. Take this serious. Landslides are going to be common. The Valley will be seeing horrendous flooding, and so will the hills and mountain sides. The power has a huge chance of going off because cali’s infrastructure is not made for flooding and wind to be impacting it at the same time.

  4. Andrew Winslow says:

    As an East Coaster who’s lived through a few Tropical Storms, despite being far inland, GET EVERYTHING NOW. Even a Tropical Depression can devastate a community when nobody prepares. GET SUPPLIES NOW, SECURE YOUR HOUSE FROM ANY POTENTIAL PROJECTILES, AND STAY AS HIGH UP AS YOU CAN, UNLESS TORNADO SIRENS GO OFF, THEN LOWER, AND GO BACK UP AFTER THEY STOP. BE CAREFUL Y’ALL

  5. TJusnow says:

    As a lifelong resident of Southeast Texas YALL better take this seriously.. I’ve lived through many of these storms and they are no joke..

    • Tp says:

      Born and raised in sw Fl. Definitely not something to take lightly. Luckily the water around there is a bit cooler. Id still stock up on water and extra dry foods just in case. I’ve already stocked up in case one comes this way in next month or so. Learned from the last one if it’s coming straight for me, I’m getting the hell outta dodge. Just sucks when the expected landfall spot moves every 3 hours. We thought it was gonna hit north of us in Tampa but ended up coming right at us in Sarasota only to dip south just a smidge. Stay safe y’all

    • YodatheHobbit says:

      The water and temperatures are warmer where you are, colder here. It’s not nearly going to be as bad.

    • Eli says:

      Thank you for the heads up

    • nao ko says:

      ​@YodatheHobbit”It’s not going to be nearly as bad” I’ll make sure the tombstone engravers will note those as your last words.

  6. Bekool says:

    I hope it doesn’t hit being that a lot of you haven’t done anything. I was born in OC now I’m in AZ and I’m still worried about our rain in the low desert. Good luck to you folks I hope you’re safe

  7. Jen C says:

    I’m over prepared and everyone around me is not even batting an eye in regards to this storm. I’ve been through several hurricanes and tropical storms in the past living in the east and the Caribbean and I tell you, it’s no joke. I predict tons of flooding and damaged homes in Cali. All those homes on the coast should be boarded up. I hope they are not shocked when their insurance carrier raises their premiums sky high or drops them all together.

    • Chucky says:

      It almost seems like (with some) their egos are getting in the way of common sense. Then they’ll cry the hardest afterwards.

    • tiktok11150 says:

      @Chucky I live in CA. Who lied and told you they had common sense? Although, you did get the last part right.

    • alwaysyouramanda says:

      If you’re in the flood path of the man-made lake/reservoir.. there’s no preparing for a wall of water 100ft+ high

    • Jen C says:

      @tiktok11150 it’s almost 9am and people are having yard sales right now as if nothing is about to happen later tonight. Smh….

  8. Ella Roberts says:

    To all the people from Florida, Louisiana and Texas here, who have experienced Hurricanes and strong storms, thank you for advising us what to do, sending my best to all of you from Campo, California 😊

    • Storm Warning says:

      Louisiana resident here. If wind is less than 50 mph, your problem will be rain issues. The Baja mountain range will tear the winds apart. If winds are closer to 60 or greater, brace for roof damage, trees down, power outages. Get canned goods. Bottled water. Gas up all vehicles. Move patio furniture and flower pots. Get batteries for flashlights. Candles. And sadly, have guns ready if looters become an issue. Get medicine and DON’T FORGET YOUR PETS. Either way, the apathy among your residents is frightening. And keep in mind, hurricanes PRODUCE TORNADOES, and 911 will cease operation when weather gets mean. You will be on your own. Many do not comprehend that fact. At least your are likely free from the intense flooding we would suffer. Bless you all. ❤

    • James Black says:

      Fill your vehicle up with gas top it off fill up a couple cans and make sure you have two cases of water and keep an eye out because I think it’s being underestimated I don’t know how warm the water is off the coast of California right now

    • Tammy N says:

      @ellaroberts1812, also if not mentioned, keep important documents in zip-lock bags, cash at hand, charge up your electric car. Best of luck and hope to hear from you soon 🙂

    • James Black says:

      @Tammy N I forgot about electric cars 😂 but yea as someone from the south we have been through many I think the biggest issue for Cali will be flooding even 4 inches of rain would be devastating

  9. Michael Saggio says:

    They aren’t taking it serious enough. It’s a tropical storm/hurricane, not a thunderstorm or rain shower 😭

    • Andrea Brown says:

      They’re gonna find out real quick

    • somethingsomthingsomething says:

      The Pacific doesnt harbor the energy for the tropical storm, it will die off before it makes it to any land..there is a reason San Diego has the best weather in the entire nation, it is in a goldilocks zone and protected by many phenomenon.

    • Andrew Winslow says:

      Even a Tropical Depression can devastate communities. I live in The North Georgia Mountains, and Nicole hit us as a Depression last November. We suffered flood damage that took MONTHS to repair (mostly due to shoddy contracters, but that’s beside the point). Get out to an area that is outside the cone, like the Bay Area or even further if you can. If you wanna ride it out, Stay The Fuck Indoors, do not go out at all. Yes Florida Man does it, but it’s stupid to do it. Board up and secure any potential projectiles.

    • Shelly says:

      I don’t know why they’re not taking it seriously. Must not be paying attention to what’s really going on in the world. I’m in So. California, I’m a little nervous and I’ve been preparing, for quite a while now, for several different situations that could likely happen. It doesn’t hurt to prepare for things. Good luck and God Bless.

    • tiktok11150 says:

      @somethingsomthingsomething Said the person in September of 1939.

  10. Warcraze33 says:

    The last time I was in San Diego was 2019. I went for a work conference and I was shocked at all the people living in tents on the street. I honestly worry for these people because they have no where to go. Its so sad that we ignore those who need the most help, I hate it.

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