“My Brother Was a FOOTBALL” 💀 Wild ‘N Out

“My Brother Was a FOOTBALL” 💀 Wild ‘N Out

Kai Cenat and Vedo joined the Old School and New School in this HEATED round of “Sex, Flix & Chill.” Some guesses were better than others 🤣

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37 Responses

  1. Yellow Snow says:

    I think everyone is proud of Kai right now

  2. Michael Clarke says:

    Kai was unexpected and Kai is naturally funny asl without trying Thank you Nick for having him on the show this is well deserved Kai keep making everyone’s life better.🔥🔥😂

  3. Sensational Shmack says:

    Kai cenat on wild n out never thought I’ll see this day😂😂😂

  4. JayTheGamer says:

    Shit was hilarious, glad to see Kai on the show

  5. 𝑬𝑳𝑰ツ says:

    I wasn’t expecting Kai 💀🤣🤣

  6. EUGENE says:

    So are we just gonna ignore the fact that when kai said killer clown, this beautiful lady said Titanic 🤣

    • Jasmine Morris says:

      Yeaaahhh I was like girl did you watch titanic…?? There’s literally no clowns in that movie at all not even in the background. Only killer was the damn iceberg 😭.

    • Random Guy says:

      @JUS⭐️ So now you are speaking facts that all men do that? When you clearly said it’s not all men you were referring to? So again, do you know that guy to state a fact that he does this all the time? Jus, just accept that I’m right and do something productive with your day. Take the L and walk of shame or something. You hurt hurt

    • JUS⭐️ says:

      @Random Guy how was i supposed to know you replace y’all with ya and it means the same way to you? and like i said i’m not hurt, im just speaking facts and you don’t like that apparently

    • Random Guy says:

      ​@JUS⭐️ So let me get this straight. You wasn’t talking about all. But decided to use ‘You all’ for one person’s response and now trying to gaslight me by saying obviously you didn’t mean ‘all people’ yet you used ‘y’all’ which is short for that very exact meaning. To then want to say that immature thinking and I seem hit. When you clearly used to wrong form of ‘y’all’ to begin with. If you were just responding to him, you should’ve just said ‘ya’. But clearly that would be weird as you don’t know that person. It would make sense if you know him and he continuously rates girls as such and you are calling him out for numerous times he’s done that. But clearly you aren’t. Like c’mon Jus. What are we doing here??
      The crazy thing is you know I make sense and you are trying to fight the sense.

    • JUS⭐️ says:

      @Random Guy you didn’t do the same thing because you said ya. yes, y’all is short for you all but i am clearly and obviously not talking about all people. like i said, if you felt hit you felt. and no i am not hurt, why would i be hurt?

  7. Ganjaa Mann says:

    Kai Cenat on Wild N Out Is so unexpected 🤣

  8. Maria: Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Lmaoo I saw the thumbnail and first thing I said was ‘What the hell, Kai Cenat??’ 😂 my boy out here

  9. Just another Waver says:

    Kai blowing up so fast every year. It’s crazy.

  10. Izzy Love says:

    Kai so funny 😂

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