Trixie Goes…BRUNETTE?! Trixie Transforms Into Priscilla Presley

Trixie Goes…BRUNETTE?! Trixie Transforms Into Priscilla Presley

Trixie attempts to transform herself into the iconic Priscilla Presley. Trixie in a brown wig? You’ll never be able to unsee it.

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Executive Producer: Trixie Mattel
Producer: Brandon Lim
Editor: Nick Walker
Post Supervisor: Jess Stevens

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23 Responses

  1. HermitThefrog. says:

    please make this a series of drag looks based on beauty icons through out the decades

  2. T Naval says:

    Trixie actually understanding the artistry of Queen Coppola with her description of that scene is EVERYTHING. She gets it, she actually really gets it.

  3. Veradis The Egg Cat says:

    I can feel the discouragement so I’m coming here to say PLEASE EXPERIMENT MORE!!! Not only is it entertaining but with any artform it really helps you get a feel for what you do/don’t want in your personal style. I think you did amazing.

    • annaliise says:

      I think it would have worked fine with a slightly more exaggerated eye! Or at least I always think those huge doe-eyes when I think of Priscilla.

  4. rchlzbln says:

    Trixie: Now Priscilla’s look isn’t very blush heavy
    Inner Trixie: Yeah we’ll see about that

  5. Morgan Wood says:

    Trixie doing a *slightly* different eye shape, and literally everything else the same as she usually does and feeling so uncomfortable with the look is absolutely hilarious to me! Girl, you look the same, just brunette!

  6. TwoWitchyMoons says:

    I know you don’t like the dark hair, but I think the combo with the softer makeup is actually a home run. I can’t see the dark hair with the usual Trixie makeup but with this softer “glam” look it works really well on you.

  7. enzo says:

    trixie: im not gonna completely cut the cheeks
    also trixie: completely cuts the cheeks

  8. lrnz. says:

    I feel like if muscle memory didn’t kick in with the cheeks and the lips this would’ve been perfect. Trix can absolutely pull off dark hair and the eye makeup is stunning. The normal Trixie look is great but it was really nice to see this twist on the eye shape because it looks beautiful and it works for her too.

  9. Albert Whisker says:

    This eye makeup with the floating creases it’s so stunning please don’t let this be a one time thing 😩

  10. Sedric says:

    The way Trixie said “AHmee WEENhaus” tickled my brain cells. Also she should totally do an Amy Winehouse look, she could totally pull it off and I’d love to hear Trixie’s thoughts about her music and her style. 🖤

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