My Dog Meets His Son

My Dog Meets His Son

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  1. Maya Husky says:

    my heart cannot handle this!❤️

  2. CARL G. says:

    Adorable, little Todd is here and already speaking like his dad, Tucker.

  3. Rafael John Villaruz says:

    When Todd roobs the walls, Tucker be like: Good Job,son!

  4. Allan Quilaton says:

    When Todd says “Dis is garbage” to a vegetable Tucker’s gonna be like “It sure is son”

  5. ᴘᴀʟᴇsᴛɪɴᴇ 𝟺 ᴇᴠᴇʀ ♡ says:

    my heart is legit dying of cuteness THIS IS THE SWEETEST THING IVE EVER SEEN! ✨💕🥺

  6. Rokhyun Baek says:

    When Todd meets Pearl he’s gonna be like “ hekkin Pear! “ Tucker “ That’s m son!”

  7. Audrey Pennington says:

    When Todd starts getting sarcastic, Tucker’s gonna be like “That’s my boy”

  8. • JαnetBear • says:

    Todd is gonna end up being like his dad soon..

  9. Rico Fernando Chico says:

    When Todd says “I’mma throw da tree of doom” Tucker’s gonna be like “That’s my boy” Journey be like “What?!”

  10. KingPichu says:

    When Todd says “I wants chimkin,” “hekk you, Linda,” “Tree of doom,” “Walk Time,” or “Make me breakfast!”

    Tucker: That’s my boy
    Journey: Dang, you taught him well.

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