Brushing Out My 5 1/2 Year Dreadlocks | Christina Randall

Brushing Out My 5 1/2 Year Dreadlocks | Christina Randall

Brushing Out My 5 1/2 Year Dreads Locs | Removal | Matted | Knots | Knotted

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28 Responses

  1. Coaster Couple says:

    I know the dreadlocks were a stunning look, and it seems like your family was very attached to them as well- please remember the reasons you took them out! You are GORGEOUS regardless of your hair and being able to “live life” FREELY without worrying about your hair is much more important than a hairstyle!

    • beautyboutiqueful says:

      @kpopmultistan Miranda Also just wanted to add that if people look down on Black people for wearing certain hair trends and glorify it on a white person then that’s the person who’s doing that who is at fault ,it shouldn’t stop anyone of any race ,ethnicity from doing what THEY want to do,it’s were the hate starts,we all collectively need to be better human beings and don’t even take into account the colour of someone’s skin it makes me so sad that people feel this way

    • kpopmultistan Miranda says:

      @beautyboutiqueful oh yeah totally agree! I just know ALOT of people who don’t like white people to do black hairstyles because of that even if the white person don’t mean anything by it

    • Ida says:

      @kpopmultistan Miranda dreads were in white culture (and others) for thousands of years too, it is not cultural appropriation. What black people face for dreads is discrimination, that is different to cultural appropriation. Can we stop getting this twisted and dividing people over a hairstyle, you can’t tell white people not to get dreads because black peoples face discrimination, it’s another double standard. Y’all cry for equality yet you hate, shame and separate yourselves over a hairstyle, there are far bigger issues to deal with than that.

    • kpopmultistan Miranda says:

      @Ida ok first off I am not spreading hate. I was not rude to her whatsoever. So what are you going on about? Also there is a difference between what was in our culture and what dreads are in black culture.

    • Elizabeth Bryant says:

      I love your new look. I liked the dreads but I like your straight hair even more. As for hubby…well sometimes they are kinda blunt and don’t realize girls have some tender feelings about our hair. He loves you no matter what and probably will enjoy not getting slapped by your locks…LOL! Love you Sweetheart and cannot wait to see you rock your new look.

  2. Blue Sugar says:

    Such an awesome group of ladies. You don’t see genuine friendships like these much these days. Which is sad, but it reminds me of how blessed I am to have my couple of QUALITY friends over QUANTITY. 💙💙

  3. Gypsy Soul says:

    It’s natural to have an attachment to our hair as females. Especially since your locks came with a spiritual journey. Your journey isn’t over. It’s just shifting onto something new. Embrace it… 💜🙌💜

    • erronious lace says:

      This. I have not finished the Video yet but there has been a shift in your expressions and personality in your other videos and this is just a natural progression of who you are; you’ll always be the “Christina we all LOVE” but as we shift, change, improve, grow our presentation, esthetic changes too. Love you Christina!

  4. Luana Mitchell says:

    Hopefully Jeremy is more supportive now. That comment of his at the end of the video was heartbreaking. This is Christina’s journey, no one else’s. ❤️

  5. Mandy Foster says:

    It’s absolutely HEARTBREAKING seeing how GENUINELY HAPPY Christina was at the end doing the photo shoot, and then having him literally say “I don’t know why you took them out” THE AUDACITY….. 🥺😭🤬
    Christina, you’re beautiful with or without dreads. We love you REGARDLESS ❤

    • Jennifer Cate says:

      I’m hoping when we see the video it will be put into context and him responding to something she said about regret. I’m really hoping it wasn’t as harsh as the clips inserted made it seem. Trying to give Jeremy the benefit of the doubt, because like you said… THE AUDACITY!
      and she does look GREAT! I can’t believe how much hair she got to keep on her head and it look so dang nice. I can only imagine how amazing that scalp rub is feeling!

  6. Kyladio 93 says:

    “I don’t know why you took them out” wtf dude! You look GORGEOUS, your hair is beautiful! It was time for them to come out, plus you rock it with AND without them! Don’t let anyone else’s opinion sway yours.

  7. Adrianna S. says:

    Christina. It broke me when your family didn’t react well. I wish they would’ve been a bit more supportive. But, you made this decision for yourself. Not for them, just remember that. You’re new hair is gorgeous! They just need time to get use to it, it will be like you always had your hair that way 😊

    • Lola Rodriguez says:

      It was just an honest reaction lol i feel all of us have done this thank god its just hair and thank even more for her beautiful personality

    • kpopmultistan Miranda says:

      Ikr? Her husband’s response is ridiculous. Like most husband’s say “you are gorgeous no matter what” and stuff so why did he have to say that?? Like I am sure she has explained why she took them out before to him!

    • Fluffyfluffballs says:

      This ❤

    • Twiddle Diddle says:

      Right, dump that dude way too controlling!!!

  8. Kathleen St.Denis says:

    When you say “It’s like a small animal” 😂 I’m like girl that would be a large or at LEAST a medium size animal 😂 Holy crap I can’t believe how much was in there! That must have been soooo heavy 😳

    • Jennifer Cate says:

      When she put it on the floor at the airbnb I was like, that’s a HUGE animal 😂. Bless her heart. I can imagine how miserable this was.

    • Loretta Flaherty says:

      Lol she could have given a Pikenese a run for it’s money that was wild

  9. K Bux says:

    I understand Jayden’s reaction because you’ve had those dreads literally as long as he can remember so it’s gotta be really strange for him seeing momma with a different look. But I wish your husband had been more understanding and compassionate. I’m always on my husband to be nicer though so I get it. He’s a good dude he just doesn’t quite get the whole emotional comfort thing completely. They’ll get there. 😂

    • Smaugette says:

      Roughly how many years of marriage does that take?!! 😆

    • Jennifer Cate says:

      Yes! Love this comment. Someone equated it to being “silly” and “nothing to get upset by”, like when a man/father shaves his face and the children start to cry. Not at all the same thing. I do agree that Jayden is just so used to looking at his mommy in one way, so it could be alarming at first (similar to the beard example), but the Jeremy situation is different. I think he’s a great dude, like you said… he’ll get there.

  10. elleandbabes says:

    eeeek! u look beautiful mamas!!! so happy for you and this new journey! 🤍🦋✨

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