My Friendly Neighborhood (FULL GAME)

My Friendly Neighborhood (FULL GAME)

Here’s all of My Friendly Neighborhood in one video. The full game for your viewing pleasure
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26 Responses

  1. NoChancelot says:

    Jack unlocking the Square door and then not entering fills me with unfathomable disappointment. I love it.

  2. WitchDoctorWaka says:

    Thank goodness Jack got reminded to go back to the theater. I was so worried he was gonna miss it

  3. LeTerneau Tunes says:

    I honestly love that this game is like, *spooky* but it’s not overly grotesque. It’s kind of a nice breath of fresh air

    • Oras says:

      100% agreed. Especially in its genre.

      I remember getting into this game being very excited and expecting some deep and grim lore.
      But instead the game surprised and blew me away with it’s sad backstory and wholesome message. It’s one of these games I wish I could experience for the first time again.

    • Thottus Thottus xox says:

      Yeah. It’s not too scary to the point that I won’t want to watch the gameplay, but it’s scary enough for me to jump and then go back to rewatch the part that made me jump so I can see it clearer LMAO

  4. Matthew's Corner says:

    This game is absolutely BRIMMING with personality and awesome character interactions. I wish these people the best in their future projects.

  5. miranda says:

    Gordon healing his trauma by helping the puppets was so wholesome I love him 😭😭

  6. Lee says:

    With the horror game market as saturated as it is, it’s hard for new games, especially mascot horror games, to stand out, but this truly felt so unique, fun, and engaging. I genuinely loved it.

  7. Toryn Jones says:

    You’ve really gotta admire Sean’s commitment to reading every scrap of backstory without piecing together any of its meaning.

    • Meat-lover Vegan says:

      Man of commitment

    • Marshall Scott says:

      It’s one of the many reasons I’ve always came back to his channel, he plays my favorite games and always introduces me to some new games that become my favorites as well and I love his energy and his style and he’s just been my favorite gaming channel since middle school and now I’m out in the world and it’s always good to go back and watch some comfort playthroughs like Spider-Man or Kindergarten or Little Nightmares or Cuphead or Bendy or so many more of his. Thank you Sean for all you’ve helped me get through

    • Ashik Jaman says:

      A true Dark Souls player

    • Captainwafles .Y says:

      @Ashik Jaman mmm mm’mm. Mmm’m

    • Captainwafles .Y says:

      @Ashik Jaman

      Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmm m CC

  8. CeeBee says:

    I didn’t expect the Resident Evil style horror game about puppets to bring a tear to my eye. That final sentiment is beautiful. Coming from someone still lost in that tunnel.

    • Allison Beek says:

      The main mansion building looked so identical to Resident Evil with the mansion Lady D lives in ❤ I love the detail and effort made to this game!

  9. wells says:

    god this game is a masterpiece. i didn’t expect something of this style to portray a message so relevant and meaningful, and yet it never clashed with itself. ricky’s speech about “we teach them how to be friendly, and they don’t like it because they’re not friendly” is something that totally surprised me in a very good way. i’m so impressed

  10. Justin Green says:

    Very impressed with the positive vibe off of jacks comment section! I love you all truly and especially jack I’ve watched since I was 14 and I’m now 21 so thanks for the lovely few years of entertainment

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