My NEW House Tour | De’arra Taylor

My NEW House Tour | De’arra Taylor

My “NEW” HOUSE TOUR!!! It’s OFFICIAL, my FIRST Youtube video on my channel!!!!

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28 Responses

  1. silkify says:

    Dearra doesn’t realize this, but she is curing everyone’s boredom

  2. De'arra Taylor says:

    It’s go timeeeee!!!!!!! 🔥🎉🎉🎉

  3. TheBlackBrat says:

    she looks tf good, love boss shit omfg

  4. Flawless Britny says:

    It’s the three balconies for me lol let’s goooo D!

  5. hilejamyers says:

    congrats Miss Taylorrrrrrr!!!!
    cheers to new beginnings! 

    take a shot every time Dearra says

  6. Paradise Is Gleaming! says:

    This how you boss up 10x folds!!! Truly an inspiration!! I admire how she carried herself throughout that entire relationship even leading up to the exit!! Left that situation with her own shit her own bag and no kids!!👏🏽🙌🏽. This how you successfully date as a lady without trapping yourself!! Cheers 🥂 to you girl and I mean that sincerely!! Continue living this life for you and can’t wait to see all about dearra cause I know it’s bout to be lit 🔥🥲👋🏽

  7. Whit H says:

    This place is so nice. We need a
    morning routine,
    Furnished apartment tour
    Shopping for apartment
    Hygiene routines
    Cooking videos of course

  8. Dessy Rom says:

    That’s how girls should act after a breakup.
    Self development and putting their self love first is what they need to do..coming back to someone who cheated on you is like trying to find happiness at the same place you lost it.

    • Justin says:

      If you watch a whole 17 min video of someone and the first thing you think of is their ex boyfriend, I think that tells you a lot about them tbh

  9. patrick schneer says:

    De’arra is so inspiring. I swear, she bounce back from anything. This girl really practices self love. Congrats on your home girl you deserve it and MORE !

  10. Asia’s Lifestyle says:

    Loving it!!!! I’m so inspired by your motive! ❤️

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