NBA 2K24 | The City Official Trailer

NBA 2K24 | The City Official Trailer

The City is all about your basketball career in #NBA2K24 🏙️

📈 REP is back
🏀 Streetball side quest rewards
🫡 New RISE and ELITE affiliations
🏝 Beachfront location on New Gen➕ Much more!

Get the full breakdown here 👉

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39 Responses

  1. Ben Sampson says:

    Affiliation vs Rise seems like a very nice concept for park, I’d love to see how it’s incorporated into the game.

  2. Mxindset says:

    The city looks great , but it doesn’t matter if the gameplay is bad :/

  3. K Woodz says:

    Good 2 affiliations and a smaller city this what we needed

  4. limitbreak says:

    We also have Crossplay so it’s smart that they added 2 Affiliations. Them 2 going to be packed!

  5. B Hamm says:

    The majority of this won’t matter when you actually play the game lol

  6. TooGoxted says:

    It looks like this game right here is bringing a little bit of 2k20 vibes but the dribblin is the same as last year I can’t wait to play this game and the city looks better then the actual city

  7. JrRanks says:

    Yes we get to run around the city mindlessly before we even get to play a game. Let’s see how long this game last

  8. ChuckySheed says:

    This is a W, smaller city, only 2 affiliations, and REP is back. They listened 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  9. HugoJha23 says:

    Nice to see that the trailer has the same amount of lag that we will experience whilst playing the game

  10. bluey the first says:

    Im happy to announce that i will be taking my talents to RISE

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