NCAA Champion Julien Alfred BEATS U.S. Champion Sha’Carri Richardson

NCAA Champion Julien Alfred BEATS U.S. Champion Sha’Carri Richardson

Julien Alfred runs 10.89 to defeat Sha’Carri Richardson at the 2023 World Athletics Continental Tour.


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45 Responses

  1. James Williams says:

    Julien Alfred is a beast! Everyone sleeps on her but she’s just as much of a threat for Gold as Shericka, ShaCarri, Marie, and Shelly-Ann. I can’t wait for Workd Champs it’s going to be amazing.

  2. Bobby Wells says:

    Two years ago when Julien Alfred set the 60m NCAA record, you could see how great she was. The only thing holding her back (then) was her confidence. This past year, she’s done nothing but set record after record and faced all challenges. She is definitely a podium threat at World’s.

    • BlueSky says:

      Not her confidence……she has had a lot of issues with injuries…..

    • Anthony Toifl says:

      I feel like a sucka bc I’ve never heard of her

    • Bobby Wells says:

      @Anthony Toifl …..She’s been setting the NCAA on fire for the past 2 years.

    • Bobby Wells says:

      @BlueSky …..For the past 2 years, she’s been running fantastic times, but when it came to the NCAA finals, she always came up short; except for this past year.

    • BlueSky says:

      @Bronxxxnyc  nope as I’ve said injuries have been her issue……this year and last year are the only years she has been able to have a full season with injuries hence the excellent performances

  3. Phil B. says:

    Julien Alfred is a superstar in the making! What a powerhouse she’s about to become. Sha’carri’s first loss this year at 100m.

  4. Jennifer Lazaro says:

    Very happy for Julien Alfred and I’m certain that her entire country is celebrating.

    • Antonius desir says:

      You bet we are, we’re having a carnival 😂

    • g ns says:

      Why no St Lucia uniform( I believe they has issues at Eugene) And why no Sponsor

    • tfmarketing22 says:

      @g ns If she doesn’t have a sponsor yet, she will soon. Nike, Puma, Adidas or New Balance will probably grab her within a month or less.

    • Richard Knight says:

      ​@g nsjust turn pro as commentator says, only other thing maybe her Texas jersey that she didn’t want to wear.

  5. PoundCake Texas says:

    I love how Sha’Karri is being a team player, congratulating and being a good sport. You can see her growth! Congratulations to all 🏃🏿‍♀️ runners

  6. Live Laugh Love says:

    So much talent. Congratulations to all the athletes 👏🏾

    • Respect big man says:

      Again the 100m is wide open. I told u all Shacarri Richardson will run down the line in Budapest she won’t get morethan 5th. Her start cannot beat three people. She will not run down Shericka , Shellyann and now Alfred. But Julian Alfred will not win it either . I am telling you that Shellyann and Shericka will be ready .

    • Edward Jones says:

      ​​​@Respect big manshe just ran down Shericka the last track meet she was at and beat her. And she had a much faster time than than what Alfred had in this track meet.

    • Respect big man says:

      Shelly Ann run 22.36 for her first race . I doubt she doubling. So don’t expect to reel her in when she get out the blocks before u. Shacarri run back stuff will not work at world. She cannot catch Shericka when it matters or Shellyann.

    • Respect big man says:

      Shacarri as a lot of work to do to be a factor from now until August 17

    • Edward Jones says:

      @Respect big man Since this is her first loss this season and it came to a professional rookie. Then all of them got a lot of work to do to be a factor. Or can you tell us the people who don’t have a lot of work to do?

  7. Michael Johnson says:

    Julien Alfred is going to be a contender for the podium in Budapest. It’s going to be an amazing final. Congratulations Julien!

    • Keith Lott says:

      How did you reach that conclusion? SR and others have been running fast 10.7 and 10.9, and then bam worlds qualifying happens and jackson pops up with a 10.65. Same in the 200, everyone running 22 and SR ran her personal best of 21. 94 at US trials, but Jackson ran a 21.71, and Gabby ran a 21.60, yet somehow these two are not going to be there. SAFP is just getting started, so she can peak by August, so watch out for Elaine, she only qualified in the 100. Things happen, thats why you run the race.

    • Violet DaBest says:

      @Keith Lottwhat the hell are you yapping about 💀

    • S D says:

      Julian is not a contender 🤣

    • Donald Stevens says:

      Did she qualify for Budapest?

    • S D says:

      @Keith Lott oh Elaine running thee 100 in Budapest ?

  8. Robert Fontell says:

    The women’s 100m race has sooo many sprinters that are running exceptionally this year…can’t wait to see this race at the World Champs!

  9. SportsTwin says:

    Sha Carri’s start out the blocks was horrendous! 😮😮😮

    • K P says:

      when she fixes her start, she will be really be a beast. she’s so young with still so much to improve. very bright future ahead.

    • Cory Zeke says:

      Always. Her Achilles heel. But as long as she gets to Olympics she fine

    • __looking_good says:

      She looked very flat – looks like a calf injury.

    • Mr. T VP says:

      Her starts have been horrible this year even when she’s been winning. She fixes that and she will be unbeatable.

    • Respect big man says:

      Her starts always bad. Even if she gets up with the pack she as to get going. That will not work on the big stage when everyone peak.

  10. sweetspotdrummer says:

    Julien Alfred shows she is the real deal. With the fastest 60m in the world currently, and likely 70m, and 80m and top end acceleration catching and beating her in the last 20m is not going to be easy. Sha’Carri just learnt this on the track. The other pros will soon learn this too. Julien Alfred is consistently a winner. Congrats on winning her debut.

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