The MASSIVE $72,884.52 Update to my Dream House.

The MASSIVE $72,884.52 Update to my Dream House.

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24 Responses

  1. Paul Cuffaro says:

    The house looks absolutely amazing, been watching forever! So cool to see everything come together

  2. Unkwn Rapid says:

    I’m happy that Sofia is comfortable enough to give her own opinion instead of agreeing with you on everything. It’s really nice to see her be more involved and engaged with the vlogs.

  3. Frank Plop says:

    The house looks so much better with a gate and grass finally looks somewhat complete you’ve done an amazing job 💯

  4. meeze says:

    You wouldn’t think that grass would make such a big difference, but wow.. it looks absolutely amazing now. I’m so happy for you James, and to see how far you came in the last 5-6 years I’ve been watching here on YouTube is incredible.

  5. Michael Salamida says:

    The grass just added so much to the look of the house. It looks incredible. Job well done Strad

  6. legendzlive4ever says:

    *Papa Strad would be proud of the man your becoming. Dreams are easy, the work isnt*

  7. Maria Sharapova says:

    Hey man, can you make some timelapses of the house transformation? It looks so cool! Would be great tot see some more!

  8. Jelly Lancelot says:

    I LOVE the fact you always share the raw finance side. I get some people are touchy about it, but it’s so fascinating. Please never stop doing it!

  9. Billy Justin says:

    I think rapid blue and chrome rims with the vented and exposed carbon hood would look great! I totally agree with Sophia about adding a longer front splitter to make the nose look smaller.

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