New details emerge on death of ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry

New details emerge on death of ‘Friends’ star Matthew Perry

As the investigation unfolds into how “Friends” star Matthew Perry died so unexpectedly, celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Selma Blair and Hank Azaria are grieving the loss of the beloved actor who was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Saturday. NBC’s Chloe Melas reports for TODAY and People editor-in-chief Wendy Naugle shares a look at his legacy.

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34 Responses

  1. Ella Enchanted says:

    Rest easy Matty. You made the world a better place.

  2. TheNextStep851 says:

    I think what doesn’t really get mentioned much is that not only was he obviously so great at delivering those lines on Friends, but that he was also such a great physical comedian with it. Impeccable timing. Even the simple gestures he made during the show were so memorable. A great talent lost. R.I.P.

  3. Ann Smith says:

    Above all, condolences to Matthew’s parents, brothers, sisters, extended family and friends.
    Matthew’s last 5 years is what he wants to be remembered by: staying clean and sober, helping others stay sober and writing a compelling book on the absolute horror of addiction…which is 100 percent progressive. Matthew’s first introduction to recovery was 2001 …he picked up ….and the 18 rehabs and all the rest began. Active addiction is progressive ….and the horrifying inability to stop, profound. Matthew’s recovery and making that his priority far exceeds any Hollywood accolade — and he knew that — which is why he wants to be remembered —- first and foremost — for helping others trying to get clean and sober. Matthew: you will continue to carry the message of recovery from the other side. Blessings and all love.

    • Charles 🅥 says:

      Having to go to rehab 20+ times isn’t an accomplishment

    • Brett Cordes says:

      It wasn’t suggested that the 18 rehabs were an “accomplishment”, just part of his story.

    • Ann Smith says:

      @ King :
      It is testament to the progressive nature of active addiction and the horrifying inability to stop the physical craving. It is not an accolade and no one said it was. Matthew was in a relentless struggle and finally stayed clean and sober. You should have such strength and perseverance. Quit judging — it makes you look ignorant.

    • Charles 🅥 says:

      @Ann Smith He was a selfish and mean person when he was alive. His own Friends cast members didn’t even want anything to do with him. Let’s not pretend he was a good person now that he’s gone.

  4. Pookie D. says:

    He was an amazing human being. He loved his family, his friends and his fans. He was passionate and kind. What a legacy he left behind.

    • Trumps Turn says:

      but, he neglected his own viable needs. you cant put that many plates on the stacker and expect to take em all off in one attempt.

      ive always found that people with vast resources and little self-control, end up in a trench where coming out of it is much worse than what got you there.

    • King Of1self says:

      And u know that how

  5. therealgigi says:

    I feel like Matt was in a good place in his life. He was happy and loved. Appreciated by so many people that we will never know about because he did not do anything for the publicity or the thanks. He just did it because it was in his ❤️. Rip Matt you have left a footprint in our hearts. You were appreciated and you will be remembered for your kindness and loyalty to all of humanity. ❤

    • Sonya Fox says:

      But, when, you are addict there are long lasting effects, even after you have recovered from the addiction! It takes a toll especially on the heart! Sending his family and friends deepest sympathies and, prayers! Matthew Perry will be forever in our hearts!

    • Rhonda Hamil says:

    • Martin McNickle says:

      He ust have been in a great place in his life. He died in a jacuzzi… after ideating on Instagram.

    • steven cook says:

      Sounds like you knew him personally.

    • Craig Esselman says:

      I think he came out with the book to tell his story before something like this happened. He may have known he was at the point of no return…

  6. Pink Plum says:

    Sounds like a very giving person. Helping people rehabilitate their drug/alcohol/substance abuse life is one of the best gifts you can give a person, even if they seem happy and have all the money in the world. He seemed to have used what he learned from his life’s downfalls to try to help others. May he now rest in peace.

  7. Habitual Flair says:

    I love that in the end he was able to change his legacy to include his quiet humanitarianism. Proud of him for his vulnerability and all he helped through sharing his story and lending a hand (physically or emotionally). Rest easy, Matt. You’ve done well💛

  8. Caroline Tobin says:

    RIP Matthew – Thank you for changing so many lives, whether it was through making people smile and laugh watching Friends or inspiring people to get sober. I also think the People Magazine spokesperson here did an incredible job giving us details while being respectful to and honoring Matt beautifully.

  9. Laura D says:

    Friends touched millions. It doesn’t upstage his compassion for addicts. But the number of people he helped through the tv show is unmeasurable. That show got me through so much of my life’s difficulties. I’m not an addict- but appreciate his humor and compassion.

    • Carmen Pena says:

      Yes, me too. I used that show as “comfort TV”. It got me through some very dark times with my daughter’s addiction. He and the rest of ‘the friends’ helped me to forget life just for a little while. May he rest in peace. What a funny, kind, and compassionate person he was.

  10. Kristine says:

    Very sad, he truly wanted to get better and be better. Most celebs hide their addictions or fall off the radar until you hear of their passing. Matt continued to strive and help others. Pretty remarkable human who provided much laughter and memories for all. RIP and much comfort to your family, friends and fans.

    • Trumps Turn says:

      perhaps, but wanting to get better, when he already had it in his grasp before the degrading decisions and their outcomes. live hard – die hard.

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