Jurors in Alex Murdaugh trial speak out on speed of conviction

Jurors in Alex Murdaugh trial speak out on speed of conviction

James McDowell, Gwen Generette and Amie Williams, three people on the jury for Alex Murdaugh’s double murder trial, open up about the proceedings and the deliberations that led to a guilty verdict. They also weigh in on whether he should have taken the stand and testify in his own defense.

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34 Responses

  1. Michael Burch says:

    I’m a Hampton native, and went to school with the Murdaugh boys. Alex was my town ball coach back when I was little. It’s been crazy watching the trial, and I’m relieved that these jurors saw through his manipulations and were able to get some justice for Maggie and Paul. I hate that all of this happened, but it’s good that Alex can’t victimize anyone else. Well done, jury!

    • steverodgers says:

      Justice for Mallory and Stephen…you all seem to forget about Stephen

    • Rebecca McClellan says:

      You’re completely manipulated by the Atty Waters. Ironic, really that he was telling you how you were being emotionally and psychologically manipulated by Alex, but you were actually being manipulated that way by Waters. The Judge continually favored the Prosecution side, and so you also were getting subliminal indication from the BENCH of that side whose favor he was taking. I’ve rarely seen even a TV show where the Judge– who IS SUPPOSED TO BE NEUTRAL– favors the government side, almost consistently. But then, go figure, who writes his paycheck…? This trial was, as I first thought, a modern day kangaroo court. The appeal will allow unthinking sheep-like people to see another side.

    • Larry Gronewold says:

      @L. Love I bet he wants it in Hampton county now.

    • Green Man says:

      @L. Love That had to do with jury intimidation. Exactly what Alex Murdaugh attempted to do to the attorney himself. He both tried to influence him with implied favours in the future (“we’re friends, right?”) and frighten and intimidate him, the attorney,, with his, Alex’s far reaching contact.
      Local law enforcement deliberately lied on statements they made, in the boat case. It was obvious. Indeed, they have all been named in a case being brought by Paul’s friend…the one Alex arranged with the police to pin the death on.
      They should all be fired and charge with crimes, not just civil crimes, but criminal ones.

    • Kim Cook says:

      I’m a Beaufort native, 👋 neighbor! I’m curious to see how quickly he tries to sell his property or assets to get away from paying all the money he stole. I’m sure he doesn’t have enough to cover the hundred thousands of dollars he’s stole.

  2. Kathleen McKeithen says:

    Very nice interview and I appreciate these jurors being willing to share their thoughts with us now that the trial is over. I appreciate their attention and dedication to duty in working so hard to bring justice to Maggie and Paul. Their decision that he is guilty is, in my opinion, completely warranted.

    • Terri Bolton says:

      ​@Best girl that is what I heard as well. One news article said she had already decided not guilty and nothing was going to change her mind. That is concerning since testimony was still going on.

    • Kathleen McKeithen says:

      @Jeff J It’s just beyond horrible and unthinkable all that he did to Maggie and Paul. How he can stand before the judge and assert his innocence is bizarre to me.

    • Best girl says:

      @Julian MIt sounds as though the one who was tossed out for leaking was not going to listen . Not a good attitude before there were any deliberations . These jurors are very well mannered and thoughtful . With all of the bits of evidence , I could not see how anyone else but Alex had done it . He had it all so planned but was caught by the phone .

    • Julian M says:

      I was really worried that there would be one or two jurors who just wouldn’t reason with the others. Thank you as a group for upholding Faith in the Justice system at least in this particular case.

  3. Chase23 says:

    Thank you so much Jurors. Thank you for the time and attention to this case and all the time out of your everyday lives to serve.

  4. Tam Ara says:

    Been watching this trial from day one, I always said he was guilty but I’m here to thank the Jurors for their service!
    This must have been very heavy on your heart, to rule over people and their freedom!
    The world respect the duty you have done!

    Thank you! 🙏🏼

    • Amanda Sakajian says:

      @jefayoung01 🤔🤗🤗🤗😶‍🌫️

    • Lou Ferrigno says:

      ​@Best girl what evidence? Because there wasnt any throughout the trial other than the kennel video, that’s not damning, nor the blood spatter on the shirt, that was a proven lie by SLED to the grand jury to secure an indictment. So please what actual evidence was presented because I saw none or missed it.

    • Doug says:

      @julia chatwell no it was not

    • Gabriela Martiniuc says:

      Heavy ? No! Taking the freedom from an evil man by rendering a guilty plea is NOT heavy, it’s freeing! What’s heavy , is seeing and hearing how the poor victims SUFFERED under this evil man’s vile ways!!!

    • jefayoung01 says:

      Me too!

  5. M. T. McCoy says:

    Sending all the love and positivity to the jurors!

  6. vixtex says:

    Thank you for your jury service. Looking at the photo evidence must have been horrific.

  7. Mrs. G says:

    These jurors are brilliant
    I love how considerate they were in their time spent on this jury. I suspected all along they were intelligent (and would see this for what it is), this interview is proof of it . Very wise
    I thank each and every one of them for their great sacrifices and time serving.
    Great job jurors👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  8. Melissa G. says:

    That was amazing! So glad to see these three and all jurors speaking up. So brave and their strength. Faith in the justice system restored. Thank you all for your service! ❤

  9. Janice Beare says:

    These jurors are authentic and have common sense. Thank you for your service. I’m not American, but you have restored my faith in justice.

    • Lou Ferrigno says:

      ​@Kathryn Bostrom they are appealing, there was alot of mistakes made by the judge throughout the trial. Every one of them favored the State, big surprise.

    • Will Outlaw says:

      @Kathryn Bostrom  You are so mistaken. Lawyers will be analyzing their comments to determine if there is even a hint of jury misconduct. Thus, it will result in additional hearings with the jurors as witnesses for a judge to determine if there was ANY jury misconduct. The judge CANNOT tell them to hush as to their deliberations. On the other hand, jurors do not have to discuss their verdict or deliberations with anyone ever unless there is a hearing to determine if there was ANY jury misconduct. Everyone out for their 5 minutes of fame is dangerous.

    • Kathryn Bostrom says:

      @Thomas School of Real Estate, LLC They’re going to appea anyway. Judge Newman told the jurors they were allowed to discuss the case after the verdict came in. Them speaking out now isn’t going to have any impact on a appeal.

  10. Darha📖 says:

    These folks were very good jurors. I’m assuming the rest of them were as well. They did not let nothing slide past them. I didn’t think it was necessary to go to the crime scene, but I was completely wrong. I’m glad they did get to go. This case just gives me chills. Great work Jury 👏👏👏 thank you so much from central Florida 🇺🇸

    • deborah gracie says:

      I wanted to see the crime scene to see exactly where Maggie was killed and the exact distance to the feed shed. We all know that she came running when she heard the shots. Some testimony was given that she was running away but the testimony of which shots were first disproves that theory. She could have been chasing after Bubba and Alec saw his chance with Paul in the feed shed. We don’t know how close the golf cart was parked to the kennels and to where Maggie was shot. I think he had the second gun on the cart (many think he was carrying both) and picked it up when Maggie came over to see what was going on. It’s also possible that he had them leaning against the shed. They would have been out of sight from where Cash and Paul were in the kennel. We’ll never know (the jurors couldn’t ask questions at the scene) but in my mind it would help to understand how it played out. He had the opportunity, motive and set it up that night.

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