New HALLOWEEN 2023 Update in Fortnite!

New HALLOWEEN 2023 Update in Fortnite!

Fortnite Fortnitemares Update 2023 Chapter 4, Season 4 gameplay with Typical Gamer!

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Music by Epidemic Sound:

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29 Responses

  1. Charlie Mcquade says:

    Keep it up you never disappoint when It comes to updates 💙

  2. theotherjd says:

    When he accidentally grabbed the big pot instead of the slurp, I felt that.

  3. kribi gaming says:

    tg never disappoints

  4. Melissa Pike says:

    This update looks awsome love that you showcase everything and I’m exited to play it

  5. Free Giftcard For You says:

    This season is already one of my favorites and I get to watch it from the best creator

  6. Cryptt Playz says:

    Im actually enjoying it so far, at times its annoying with the pumpkin launcher spam but overall 🎉

  7. Cesar G says:

    tg always puts out good videos and epic needs to give him a icon skin right know

  8. Rayner room mate says:

    Video Summary:
    Fortnite’s Halloween update for 2023 brings new weapons, Halloween-themed skins, and collaborations with Jack Skellington, Alan Wake, and Michael Myers, along with UI changes and the possibility of Chapter 1 returning for a month.

    – 00:00 Fortnite’s Halloween update for 2023 includes new weapons, Halloween-themed items, skins, collaborations, a time machine, and changes to the game menus.
    – 02:52 Eliminating Revenant K. Thorn in Fortnite’s Halloween 2023 update drops a lot of loot, including his vampiric blade.
    – 05:46 The Fortnite Halloween 2023 update includes collaborations, new weapons, a witches broom, and an updated red versus blue map.
    – 11:44 Chapter 1 might be returning to Fortnite for at least a month period at the end of this season, and there are massive UI changes in the game.

  9. NitroNathan says:

    As an NPC i am obliged to say can we appreciate the amount of work TG puts into these videos for us

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