Wirtz pumps are really clever

Wirtz pumps are really clever

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This spiral pump uses air lock to push water to great hights.

Here’s Johnathan Deane’s paper on the subject: https://openresearch.surrey.ac.uk/esploro/outputs/journalArticle/A-hydrostatic-model-of-the-Wirtz/99515507702346

Here’s my water solving mazes video: https://youtu.be/81ebWToAnvA

Additional filming by Geronimo James

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42 Responses

  1. Steve Mould says:

    If you’re getting deja vu it’s because when I first uploaded this, the audio was borked for anyone listening in mono. Thanks Premiere Pro! It’s fixed in this version! Thanks for your patience.
    The sponsor is Incogni: The first 100 people to use code SCIENCE at this link will get 60% off of: https://incogni.com/science

  2. h91 says:

    I just love the fact he managed to get an entirely nature powered bog garden from a pump

  3. John Hunt says:

    The fact that guy has it pumping 8 metres up his garden with no power other than the stream is incredible. I love this stuff.

  4. Zahaqiel says:

    It’s worth mentioning with air locking that air is more compressible than water, which means for the air to exert as much force on the next stage of water, the water behind it has to be exerting more pressure on the air than it would need to on just more water.

    In your three-stage demonstration, the water and air have time to find their natural equilibrium such that the pressure being exerted between each section of air and water equalises with the outside air. So the air inside is uncompressed, and when the water is forced to move again, the air will begin compression before it starts exerting enough force to start moving the next section of water at the same rate as the water behind it. It’s kinda like pushing a block of wood with another block of wood via a spring… but also up and over a hill.

  5. Alex Kocher says:

    It’s proof of the kind of great man you are when you’re able to admit the one and only mistake you’ve ever made in your life. Props to you! Cheers.

  6. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    Could it be made so instead of the coils spiralling inwards towards the centre, they helix along the z axis making all the coils exactly the same circumference? Would it make any difference?

  7. Dr Joey says:

    This pump reminds me of a water ram, which has always seemed to me like (almost) getting something for nothing.

  8. Hogscraper says:

    Love seeing Matt Parker doing Matt Parker things and even cooler you both found reason to visit this amazing pump! It’s always amazing to see older tech with such a novel approach to solving a problem.

  9. Bryant Lopez says:

    What’s really cool is that you don’t need any back flow prevention valves with these. The air lock stops the reverse flow of water if it stops. I work in irrigation sales and engineering and this stuff always amazes me. The physics of any pump system and how to create pressure is just cool stuff.

  10. thot experiment says:

    “the 2d fluid mechanisms explanations channel” is my favorite channel and i never miss an upload

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