New Orleans Saints Highlights vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Preseason Week 1

New Orleans Saints Highlights vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Preseason Week 1

New Orleans Saints Highlights vs. Kansas City Chiefs | 2023 Preseason PreSeason Week 1, 08/13/2023
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34 Responses

  1. nick j says:

    absolutely love to see Carr run through his progressions

    • Almani Bishop says:

      Bro yes and all these weapons and he had lots of time. Was skeptical when we signed him but I’m Excited for him to lead this offense

    • Tru One says:

      Derek carr trash watch

    • dbsti 300 says:

      ​@truone4254 You say that just so say it. There are always one of you on social media that tries to get a rise out of people for the sake of attention.

    • MV 15th says:

      ⁠@dbsti 300exactly! i see them under damn near every saints posts calling him trash. if my former QB was trash i wouldn’t be in his new teams comments shittin on him. i’d be excited he’s gone if anything. some of those raiders fans remind me of a jealous ex girlfriend.

  2. Gustavo Diaz says:

    As a raiders fan. I can say you guys are in good hands with Carr! I hope you guys go far in the playoffs
    I see y’all going 12-5 regular season

    • Blue Smoke BBQ says:

      As a raiders fan, you should know that Carr will lead to 5-12.

    • Kaleb says:

      ⁠@Blue Smoke BBQAs a Raiders fan I believe you’re getting our record mixed up with theirs.

    • Electric Larry says:

      Thanks Raiders Nation.
      I hope you guys do well this season yourselves 🙏

    • MV 15th says:

      i’m seeing some raiders fans saying he has a tendency of starting the season off hot and then starts playing trash mid way thru the season, i’m hoping he can prove them wrong this year.

  3. One CRAZY Who Dat! says:

    Starters looked solid. No complaints.

  4. Shorts channel says:

    Man imma miss Derek Carr. I hope he wins a lot with the Saints, that man put up with so much negativity here and still showed up and would give his all.

    • Karen R says:

      Couldn’t have said it better

    • Brandon Coleman says:

      Still to this day I’ve never seen a figure in sports history imo that played so well and constantly gave his all and was the consummate pro that would just get shit on so hard by half the fanbase. I just never understood it. He deserved so much better hope he gets it in NOLA

    • Outlaw0fTorn says:

      100%. Raiders all day but I’m still going to support DC4 wherever he goes. Best of luck to the Saints.

    • Ser Winzzalot says:

      Oh please..the dude is too nice and is too soft to win big games. He’s average with above average skills if that makes sense


      Idk why but as a Steelers fan I’ve always likes Carr, after one bad season the office treated him like how eagles fans treated Donovan McNabb and he didn’t deserve it

  5. Michael Mai says:

    Another Raider fan here expressing how much we’ll miss Carr and what a shitty franchise we have. Hope to see you guys in the SuperBowl. Carr will not let you down until a few bones are broken, so protect him at all cost.

    • Ser Winzzalot says:

      Fake fan. We will be back to winning but you go ahead and fall in love with losing. Let derek cuddle you in a losing press conference

    • CJ R says:

      They aren’t going to the Suprbowl either, right along with the Raiders😂. All y’all gotta go through KC first and not in this playground preseason crap either😂😂. Good luck to all y’all

    • Jesse V says:

      @Ser Winzzalot you’re a Raider?

  6. Jamal Mcclendon says:

    Looking mid-season form in week 1 of the PRESEASON! No need to play anymore starters before the injury bug comes. Let’s stay healthy and get to this damn Super Bowl Who Dat baby!

  7. dbsti 300 says:

    This is the most excited I’ve been about the Saints since Brees’s departure. Hopefully DA and Carr prove that the Raiders are a shitty organization and waste the talents of others.

  8. Danny O says:

    As a longtime raiders fan, I will be rooting for the saints as long as DC is there! Good luck this season

  9. Debby B says:

    Way to go Carr!! You deserve better than what the Raiders dished out to you. Hope you have a healthy season!!

  10. Francisco Lopez says:

    Good to see my qb doing good,miss seeing him in silver and black,but I’m happy for him,gonna keep watching saints games, still my guy!

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