New Ringu Killer “The Onryo”- New Survivor, Mori, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

New Ringu Killer “The Onryo”- New Survivor, Mori, Perks, Add-Ons & more | Dead by Daylight PTB

First time checking out Sadako “The Onryo”, the new Killer from the japanese Ringu chapter. Both her and the new Survivor are currently available on the PTB for Dead by Daylight on PC (Steam) and will come to the live servers on most platforms in usually three weeks.

00:00 New Killer & Survivor
00:30 Killer Perks
04:44 Survivor Perks
08:38 New Power
10:05 Gameplay
15:38 Mori animation #1
28:25 Mori animation #2
16:24 Add-ons breakdown

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41 Responses

  1. not Otzdarva says:

    10:05 Gameplay
    15:38 Mori animation #1 (regular mori)
    28:25 Mori animation #2 (mini-mori)
    00:30 Killer & Survivor Perks

  2. Reformed Fridge says:

    I really like the idea for Empathetic Connection. It might not be the strongest perk, but I love playing as the team healer/unhooker and this perk would be awesome for my playstyle. Pretty excited to try all these new things out soon.

  3. Tetso says:

    Sadako is gonna make any match she’s in turn into a proper horror game match, kinda like Scratched MIrror Myers, except she’s an even bigger threat! Props to BHVR for pulling it off!!!

    • Hergie Paguio says:

      @Piotr Domrowski Her perk is pretty cool for me as a survivor main…
      But I’d rather ask for survivor perk buff than asking to nerf her…

    • The name is Mary says:

      @10cody7 This game has a toxic fan base because it’s rare for anyone to actually play both sides instead of just saying they do you have a bunch of killer mains who only see things from point of killer and a bunch of people who only play survivor who only see things from a survivor’s perspective
      You’re all blind in one eye don’t know how to think before you speak

    • j rich says:

      @Adloquium Dubious it’s not scary because it’s pixels on a screen

      The more you play the more the power shifts away from killer as you realize how the FOV and perks work

      We all made the transition from being killed within 10 seconds of a chase start to ruining a killers day if we “get good”

      Myers, ghosty and piggy can get a scare every once in a while if you aren’t paying attention, but after a few hundred hours it doesn’t matter what a killer does

    • j rich says:

      @Alexander Hoclippiunus because he was. The average child or “I’m a gamer” but have no skill, don’t want to work for skill and can’t take a loss….. player couldn’t figure it out

      Since then BHVR has only half learned it’s lesson about listening to the echo chamber

      Which in turn makes them angrier because now they feel they have to be listened to

    • Megaming says:

      Yesh,she’s gonna get looped and genrushed to oblivion by decent survivors,very scary.

  4. Almond says:

    Killer perks: 0:33
    Survivor perks: 4:40
    Killer power: 8:40
    Killer gameplay: 10:05
    Mori #1: 15:35
    Killer Add-ons: 16:30
    Survivor gameplay: 24:25
    Mori #2: 28:20

  5. HenryHeimlich says:

    Telephone and Distorted Photo seem to be for ANY manifestation, not just TV projection. So you can use your basic power to manifest, hear their screams, and head over to the hindered survivors. Or am I reading that wrong?

  6. mcdemployed says:

    She’s actually a killer that’s genuinely horrifying, the other killers are scary or creepy sure, but not anything that’ll make me not want to sleep alone

    • Coin says:

      @Angry Caes Corporation Omg you don’t find horror movies scary!!!??? you must be so cool and brave for not letting yourself get invested in scary stuff. and even cooler that you talk down to others for being scared by movies meant to be scary. Everyone has their own things they’re afraid of prick you’re not any better than anyone because you don’t find this stuff scary or can’t get invested in fantasy.

    • Vercci says:

      @Godly unsung Hero scary booba

    • ExpertTitan1911 says:

      they finally paid attention to people calling dbd not scary…

    • Gabriel says:

      This killer looks like a killer fr

    • Argonile says:

      Honestly! I cannot wait for her release, I’m going to be rebuying the game on PC because of her rn, I cannot wait! lmfao

  7. King Santa Cruz says:

    I think what they are saying with the last iridescent is that throughout the match, players turn off the televisions which restricts her abilities. If you hit after manifestation, you get four turned back on without the wait.

    • todo keet says:

      @sligslot yep correct it seems to function as a way to make warping around the map and scoring hits a viable strategy to make her a stealth-traversal hybrid type killer which is very terrifying

    • sligslot says:

      It says the last four TVs turned off by projection so it only turns on TVs you turned off through your power.

  8. Revailz says:

    Literally 10 seconds into the game, she came out of a TV and scared the shit out of me, and I didn’t see her till she was behind me. Genuinely a scary killer.

    • Kevin Chen says:

      @Даниил Багринцев To be fair, if Ghostface got his addons rebalanced and another cloak recharge buff he would be pretty competitive as well.

    • Даниил Багринцев says:

      Fair, fun and scary killer. BHVR finally made a viable stealth killer

  9. Andrew Aguayo says:

    Wow I might actually be a killer main after she releases…she seems fun as hell! Also one thing that missed was her vaulting animation, they should’ve made it like demigorgon where he looks more animalistic crawling though windows etc. I like sadakos vault animation but it’s a wasted potential to make her that much creepier in that vaulting animation

  10. HellPunisher says:

    Sadako’s eye staring in the mori and the special kill is terrifying! Feels like an homage to the movie.

    • ねこ男の子 says:

      @PhenomSkllZ Ah my bad. I now know what you mean, because you don’t know what grammar is. Man you’re so stupid your words got me flipped around. You meant to say no shit it’s a homage. Do better bruh.

    • Chang Siah Lim says:

      but although I do it looks like someone’s breaking bones ( I prefer something more rip and tear but this is still scary)

    • klaykid117 says:

      Wow do you really think they would reference an obscure film like the ring with this brand new original killer?

    • PhenomSkllZ says:

      No shit is a homage tf ?

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