We Bought the Cheapest Truck from China

We Bought the Cheapest Truck from China

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29 Responses

  1. MjolnirVIII says:

    As someone who works at a freight-forwarding company, this was actually really funny at how real the process gets. Donut guys, hit me up when you need one! We’re literally just around the corner from you guys! We’re on Hindry!!!!

    • ricardo kowalski says:

      It is soooooo funny to hear the un-initiated say ” it’s just a bunch of forms, how hard can it be? ” 🤷
      It’s not ” hard” … but the learning curve is steep and costly. 😁

      I did Imp/Exp of CKD vehicles with my dad, in LatAm, mid 80s. Fun times.


    • Rage gang says:

      California crazy lol he would drop all that excess price just shipping into Texas gulf. California know for screwing shipping and receiving rates. I could have got him 4 out the door total all in cost. But hey California is California😢.

    • Michael Costa says:

      He explained at 4:00 why they exist.

    • Adam Nelson says:

      I too work for a forwarder.
      Honestly it’s kind of fun. Especially watching these normies try to understand it.

  2. CrackerJakkTV says:

    I’d love to see a mini series of you guys trying to improve it. Also trying to off road it would be fun.

  3. Alan Galvez says:

    I love the direction donut media is going in, I’m loving all the videos!

  4. Blake Taylor says:

    This was my absolute favorite episode you guys have ever made.

  5. Brandon Smith says:

    Now get another one and do a high low with them!!!! It would be hilarious

  6. Arman Singh says:

    Really appreciate the honesty regarding the import process in this video, it was cool to hear about all the steps, fees, and logistics. Also seeing y’all whip around in that lil thing was hilarious!

  7. Red Blue says:

    Please make a mini series improving this bad boy 😆

  8. Thomas Okumbe says:

    Riding dirty with no registration was already wild but driving it on the sidewalk was next level😭😂

  9. scootermann83 says:

    We definitely need more Changli content!

  10. Mike D says:

    Please either make a mini series with this thing where you completely deck it out and make it a beast, or do a high low series with another of these

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