New Year’s countdown 2024: Watch the New York ball drop

New Year’s countdown 2024: Watch the New York ball drop

Crowds gather on New Year’s Eve to watch the annual ball drop, fireworks and countdown in New York’s Times Square to usher in 2024.

Footage credit: Associated Press and Times Square Alliance/Countdown Entertainment

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29 Responses

  1. @pete6705 says:

    2024 is going to be the year where we’re all going to do that stuff we’ve been meaning to do

  2. @migs6674 says:

    2023 has probably been the most significant year of my life thus far.

  3. @Fujiwara88 says:

    Countdown Starts 4:57:15

  4. @sofiaflorina says:

    Hopefully we can get whatever we haven’t gotten in previous years in 2024! Happy New Year 2024 to everyone around the world!

  5. @mariesana03007 says:

    Remembering Christmas, NYE and my birthday in 2019 🎆💃Magical memories for ever …Live love New York 🎆

  6. @imstanandimatruepro7874 says:

    Happy new year guys. I’m So proud we made it this far. I really loved the Times Square fireworks. Cheers to a happy and blessed 2024🥂🎉😇

  7. @killukrue says:

    we made it another year mates! much love worldwide

  8. @jameswebber8975 says:

    My neighbors would like to wish everyone a happy 4 o’clock (fireworks have already started)

  9. @yumimaramouto says:

    Still in 2023 over here on the western part of America, currently 10:07 p.m.
    Can’t wait to see you all in the new year.

    • @Michiganian8 says:

      It’s different, nothing like you ever seen before. I mean I’m talking about flying cars, everything is new,, the air smells new, oh & you can be anything you want. No I mean really. It’s soooo like any other year❗️… bad joke, 😀🤷🏽‍♀️ yea, I need to go to 🛌

    • @Adobeaccount-jk9eg says:

      ​@@Michiganian8I think you’re high

  10. @pranavmanjunath5368 says:

    Happy New Year 2024! Hopefully this will be the best year for all of us!!

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