NICK QUIT!!! What Really Happened (Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2)

NICK QUIT!!! What Really Happened (Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2)

Nick Diaz vs Robbie Lawler 2 ended in a strange manner where it seemed like Nick Diaz quit in the fight after getting dropped. What was Diaz doing well? What did Lawler do well? Why did Nick Diaz quit?


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55 Responses

  1. Peter Griffin says:

    While Nick is dealing with Lawler, Jones is dealing with lawyer.

  2. TheWeasle says:

    This was one of the strangest fights I’ve ever seen

  3. Dana White says:

    Glad Nick got that money so he’ll be able to keep teaching poor kids who can’t afford bjj lessons. It was all about that.
    The boxing is still here, but hell, the body and the mental aren’t anymore.

    • Triggyx says:

      @craig hopkins that really sounds like a good idea

    • Joseph Avila says:

      Why put a fight together just because the money that the fighter receives is for a good cause??? I think this Nick shouldn’t have even been in the cage nor should this fight have even been put together, it’s really bad for the sport, devastating.

    • Joe Breeding says:

      Is head wasn’t there and it was 7 year’s he’s not done just rusty.. what it comes down too if he really wants to fight. It’s up to him something else is wrong all I can say.. but don’t give up on him shit!!! 🤔🤔🤔

    • Alfonso Resendez says:

      It’s your fault

    • Lewis Forbes says:

      @Aaron Broomfield he is minted ya dafty, he has other business intrests other than fighting ya minter

  4. fr0g says:

    Robbie Lawler should retire after this win, Perfect timing.


      Robbie is going to fight Nate and then retire after losing to Nate

    • First Last says:

      @At The Source Studios
      Let me get some of those drugs you’re taking. I’m stressed af from school, so they may help out. Lmao

    • stephen hartley says:

      @At The Source Studios usman would use askren as a strap on, dafuq you talking about?

    • Tech&Tools says:

      @gremsa I thought he looked awesome, I’ve been watching him since strikeforce. One of his biggest problems in his career you could say is his anger and ability to control himself in the cage. I think with time has come a smarter Robbie, all these people say “no way” he could never compete at the top I would disagree. He looked like a man who was extremely prepared and determined to win in there. IMO

    • •Roox • says:

      @At The Source Studios robbie aint beating usman or izzy

  5. Sean Hokanson says:

    I hope Nick can find peace and have a good rest of his life

    • Tay Tha Goon says:

      @Davey Jones yeah honestly it’s like people wanna see 2004-2010 Diaz or been watching Nate so they expect the same shit which is just not gonna happen and to me as out of shape as he was he came put on a show most likely gassed out cause he was out of shape and that was it at least he didn’t get knocked out cold got a check and made it home

    • Steve G says:

      @AdamMaybe the fire is gone when it comes to mma. But if Jake Paul gave him a big enough offer to box him I think he’d take it though. He mentioned Nick as a possible opponent. Nick and Nate are near the top of his list of dudes to box next.

    • Nikola Borkovic says:

      This brothers are joke

    • ShizNick says:

      We all do. Sadly I think Nick wants out of his contract, I’m thinking maybe he wants to do a boxing match and level up the bank account by the sounds of it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Zack says:

      Nah. He’s coming back

  6. Johnny Pockets says:

    Nick looked like an aging elite fighter that hasn’t fought in 6 years, and Lawler looked like an aging elite fighter who’s had 8 fights in 6 years.

    • C Miller 216 says:

      And anyone who knows anything about robbie knows his 2nd ufc comeback was when he had matured and peaked as a fighter. I don’t care what anyone says, that’s reality and I’m certain any fighting expert would say you are being dumb here. That title run he had around 2013 was amazing

    • 神救 says:

      @C Miller 216 you gotta be the only person who actually knows what he’s talking about. Thank god someone in this thread has a brain

    • C Miller 216 says:

      @神救 I know, they truly are extremely dumb. Maybe all that slurring and dumb talk from the diaz has really worn on fans too, or they just attract lowest iq viewers

    • Papa B says:

      @C Miller 216 That didnt happen in the first fight

    • C Miller 216 says:

      @Papa B yeah cuz the first fight was almost 2 decades ago and sometimes you need someone to show a hole in your game before you know it’s there. Robbie didn’t start fighting smart and really putting it all together until 2nd ufc comeback

  7. bimbo says:

    I feel for nick, he’s made it clear he doesn’t want to fight, but nothing else is working for him.

  8. J M says:

    Honestly the best part of the night was seeing GSP and Nick shake hands in Nick’s locker room. For any longtime legit fans that moment was so wholesome and needed for the MMA community. I hope Nick recovers well and spends his check well. Legend forever ❤️ also extremely happy for Lawler and I don’t think that is being said enough.

    • Roachy Roach says:

      I thought it awesome as well.

    • J M says:

      @Mal Theri you probably don’t watch much mma. Or read a lot because I never said I waited 10 years.

    • J M says:

      Lol damn amazing how a comment can hurt people’s feelings so much. Nick and GSP had beef and they hashed it out. It was a great moment between two legends. All you kids are probably Conor era fans and have no fucking clue about the rivalry between them. Don’t blame ya.

    • Mr. Skeleton says:

      The best part was watching the FIGHTS, crybaby.

    • J M says:

      @Mr. Skeleton “waahhhh your opinion doesn’t match with mine therefore I’ll make a negative comment on yours waaaahhh” lol sounds like you’re the crybaby here buddy.

  9. Dan Barnett says:

    Diaz doesn’t need to show toughness anymore. He has showed us that for years.

    • Lord Knows says:

      @Richard Printz Really? Re read everything here I called someone that is supposed to be a professional athlete nothing more than a stoner. Didn’t bash the drug just stated the obvious then all you delusional pathetic weak fanboys come out of the wood work to defend your hero and drug of choice. Get a life Bruh

    • Nick Kimball says:

      @Lord Knows you really need validation don’t you. Carry on

    • Lord Knows says:

      @Nick Kimball You don’t make sense but that’s because you have no argument just another delusional fanboy.

    • Bro Beans says:

      @Gabriel Velez 99%of ppl talking have never competed much less at a high level. Body fat has nothing to do with fitness .. lots of
      Chubby ppl pass me on runs or half marathons and I’m a gym guy look in better shape .

    • Erich Von Manstein says:

      @Lord Knows tbh the only fanbase thats even more cringe than the diaz bros one is khabibs alhamdulillahs lol, those are a cult

  10. Zebulun Ashcroft says:

    As soon as Robbie walked away calling him up, my heart sank. You could see it on his face. Such a sad moment, really. Especially with some of what he was saying in the lead up, as you mentioned, feeling like he ‘needed’ to be in there again. That’s so heavy given his backstory… Hope it all works out for him in the end. Legend.

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