UFC 266: Nick Diaz Octagon Interview

UFC 266: Nick Diaz Octagon Interview

Hear from Nick Diaz inside of the Octagon after his rematch with Robbie Lawler at UFC 266.

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38 Responses

  1. All Things MMA says:

    Tough loss for Nick, but it’s always a treat to watch him compete. Loved the respect between him and Lawler at the end.

  2. Ricky J Sports says:

    That fight was so much fun to watch but sad to see Nick not look the same. Seemed like his kicks were in slow-mo and his punches were slow as well with no zip on them. Good fight though

    • bronxbombers 2211 says:

      He’s always kinda punched slow, just very accurate and throws in high volume

    • Don 420 says:

      @M Williams I feels bro. They were sitting at 185 I feel he could drop all that fat hanging around for welter but in his case I’d probably finish a contract of 3 and be done like u said

    • Don 420 says:

      @M Williams one person I haven’t seen in awhile is cowboy 😓

    • alecks says:

      @jerry larry right I’m sure there’s absolutely no possible way they’ve gotten slower

    • Jose Gonzalez says:

      That’s what happens when your off for years and age creeps up on you at the same time.
      The old Nick would have fought through that nose and faucet injury.
      That said, we are all very lucky to have seen him in the past and last night.
      One of the best to do it and a tough SOB.
      On top of that a nice guy that was and will always be role model material.
      Wishing him the best always.
      As for Robbie, he is still one very scary guy in that cage👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Nixxus says:

    Whatever Nick does in the future, I really do wish him the best 🙏 Feels like he’s battling with a lot behind-the-scenes, there is a lot of weight on his shoulders, you can tell.

  4. Austin Worthy says:

    Nick Diaz was my first hero ever in the ufc when I discovered this sport in 2009.. At the time I was a minority being a Diaz fan, this was the GSP era and people didn’t understand the Diaz brothers just yet. I also have a little brother myself and have literally been brought to tears when I watch nick and Nate talk about each other and the affection they have for each other. I truly believe Nick would have been regarded as a GOAT if he didn’t catch that BS suspension. In his prime he was fearless, took every fight, wanted the best, and was never finished. Every loss on his record was a decision loss. Which is crazy because him and Nate both choose to stand and bang, when in reality they both have the ability to finish any one on the ground. But they want to really fight, they want to put on a show and represent the sport as true fighters not just tap out artists. It pained me to see nick tonight. He wasn’t the same. He once said “I have to find a way to hate my opponent in order to get in the mind set to go to war”… and unfortunately that nick Diaz is long gone. He will always be a legend, and he’s done volumes for the sport and should be a hall of famer for his influence alone. But he’s no longer the gangster from 209 flipping off the crowd. He’s done his part and left his mark. And everyone knows it but him. His work is done. We love you Nick. Thank you for being the first real badass of the sport that wasn’t presenting or putting on an act to sell pay per views. You were just you. Before Conor or Masvidal. There was Nick Diaz. The real ORIGINAL GANGSTER. Nick Diaz Army forever!!!!

  5. Democrats_R-A_Dzeez says:

    Nick is a Legend. I’m grateful to him for jumping back in the cage to put on a show for all of us fans, win or lose. He’ll be remembered as one of the greatest fighters to step in the octagon.

  6. Noah Laughlin says:

    i love this guy. nick is a legend. makes me tear up hearing his voice get shaky when he was saying he didn’t wanna make a mess. thanks for inspiring me nick. we love you.

  7. Robert Bowe says:

    Nick honestly needed this loss in my eyes to show him that we all love him still win or lose and hopefully his issues get fixed man. He’s always been one of greatest in my eyes.

  8. Ezra Daiquiri says:

    The man gave everything to this sport. As sad as I was to see him take a knee, I was even more impressed by it. He put on a great show case of his skills, but those shots he was starting to take were ruthless. Like I said, he gave everything to this sport, there was no need for him to give more than he was physically capable of, just for our entertainment…not this time. Well done nick diaz 🙏🙌👏

  9. VAHVA Fitness says:

    Felt more like an exhibition fight but Diaz still had a good performance after such a long lay off. Robbie Lawler is a former UFC champ and still top 15 caliber after all

    • The Blues CFC says:

      Nick looked terrible what are you talking about clearly gassed himself early and everything he threw was just lazy and sloppy looking

  10. AcidGlow says:

    He came to put on a hell of a fight but his attacks were slow and his movement appeared sluggish. Nate seems to be in better condition for his fights. Nick just doesn’t have that drive that he used to have. Which I don’t blame him.

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