Nicolas Cage Is The FUNNEST Survivor In DBD

Nicolas Cage Is The FUNNEST Survivor In DBD

The newest and first celebrity survivor Nicolas Cage has finally came to Dead By Daylight!
In this video, we dive right into the action with Nicolas Cage highlighting his 3 new survivor perks, funny voicelines, and gameplay during DBD PTB 7.1.0!!!

Check out the upcoming Mid Chapter Patch notes here:


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53 Responses

  1. Heisenberg says:

    Lets be real, Nicolas Cage honestly could be a killer in his survivor mode, bro’s an absolute menace

  2. Edgar Alán Fernández Covarrubias says:

    I love how Nicolas Cage has 3 meme perks, it’s perfect for him

  3. DMSx JIGSAW says:

    I think he’s a great character to remind everyone that it’s a game

    • Adriou Mario says:

      AAAHH !!!
      AAAAAAHHH !!!
      AAAH !!
      AAHHHHH !!!
      *Dies in Plot Twist*

    • Boring Monkey says:

      Precisely. I wonder if people would retain their sense of humour if it was a killer that released with 3 meme perks… Genuinely curious whether people would be appreciating the meme, or if people would be having a meltdown 😂

    • Ashley Aguero says:

      Fat chance of that happening in this community. Everyone is always mad about something.

    • The Skizzler says:

      @Boring Monkeynot really meme perks all these perks have synergies with other perks

    • Boring Monkey says:

      @TheSkizzler  oop, here we go!

      These are meme perks. That’s exactly what they are. Just because they have synergies, doesn’t mean they’re not meme perks. Power Struggle is a meme perk. Just because it synergies with Flip Flop, Unbreakable, Tenacity etc… Does that suddenly mean Power Struggle isn’t a meme perk?

      Keep snorting that copium. I made a joke earlier about how long it would take for killers to start claiming these meme perks were, in fact, really good perks and not meme perks. I’ve already seen quite a few people doing that (admittedly, your comment hasn’t fully suggested that quite yet).

      I’ve actually seen TWO different people commenting saying that Drama is “BeTtEr tHaN oLd DH”. Killer mains REEEAAALLLY be reaching for ANY excuse to complain and ruin fun for the other side.

  4. DragonologyDepartment says:

    His perks are so damn funny, I love it. DBD needs more stupid fun perks like this

    • Pro Zythos says:

      The best part is while they may be silly meme perks, they still arent useless. And that is the perfect way to design unique perks that arent explicitly meta.

    • J14 says:

      Kind of like how ash had a survivor for himself

    • Jose Martinez says:

      No they don’t they need to get serious and give us new unique perks, not perks that can help killers kill you

    • Texas Red says:

      @Jose Martinez found the uber sweat who says that new players are ruining the game guys!

    • HaloWarrior1124 says:

      ​@Texas RedYep average sweats in a nutshell. Probably thinks that very Old DS and DH is balance LOL.

  5. Sean Smith says:

    The 3 nic cages healing each other under hook was the most nic cage thing I’ve ever seen. XD

  6. Michelle says:

    Since we’re just going full meme with Nicolas Cage, I think it would be hilarious if some of the other survivors had added voice lines where, if they come across him in a match, they just pause and say “Is that Nicolas Cage?” in a confused sort of way.

  7. Im_Squidgy says:

    Calling it now, Nic Cage mains are either going to be absolute gods at the game or total meme lords. I love it

  8. Complimentary Trash says:

    I wonder if scene partner pairs with calm spirit, making it so you don’t scream but still get the aura reading

  9. Babfel says:

    The fact that we got Nicolas Cage himself in the game is so absurd, i love it and for his perks they seem very intresting and uniqu

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