Why We Broke Up…

Why We Broke Up…

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17 Responses

  1. Adriana Moreno says:

    The way I already knew you had broken up in the past, and this is you telling the story. You are so cute 💕

    • Allieya DePaolantonio says:

      Oh haha. I just thought it would be clickbait. I didn’t know they broke up before !

    • Adriana Moreno says:

      @Allieya DePaolantonio I think they mentioned it in one of David’s videos “Do all couples think the same?”.

    • oznapitzezy says:

      @Allieya DePaolantoniothey probably have but they usually reconcile and have been dating for like four years now

  2. Alina Carpenter says:

    Im very sorry that happened to you, but I’m so glad to hear you handled it in a very mature way.
    It’s weirdly comforting to hear that Corey’s tragic death played a part in that. Meaning, it only shows how much you cared and still care for him. Forever appreciated. All of you 💙

  3. Selina Saleh says:

    it’s nice to hear a healthy breakup and it wasn’t toxic at all. and im happy that y’all were able to learn about each other through each one and grow from it!! OD3 outttt 🕺

  4. JessiCat16 says:

    Me and my now husband broke up at the very beginning of our relationship.. granted it was not long at all, but it was enough time to realize the things we needed to realize. We started dating in January of 2020 right before Covid so things in general were just kinda wacky back then. Now we are married and expecting our first baby boy in October too!

  5. Brianna Christine says:

    So I would like to start off by saying I never ever share this shit to a bunch of people I don’t know. But I would like to say thank you… I’m going through this right now with my boyfriend. And it is very comforting hearing and listening to another couple go through the same thing. Life can be tough and is always throwing curve balls. I’ve lost my independence in the past couple months, so me and my boyfriend are going through exactly what Kian and Ayla discussed. Growing is good and it needs to happen through time ❤️ thank you guys for sharing this. Sorry I shared my personal life, but I felt like this was the perfect place to do it 🥰

  6. Adriana THD says:

    my FAVORITE thing about every video is Kian going ODO3 OUUUUT 😭😭

    • Anuhea Jai says:

      i know right? i can already imagine baby boy going “ouuuut” with him when he gets older

  7. Simply Clarissa says:

    Me and my boyfriend had broken up literally YESTERDAY. Worst 4th of July ever . We went to the park and just talked the whole night about our situations in life. We came to a conclusion that one of us needed time to reflect and think while the other was set in stone. Our relationship definitely goes back and forth when it comes to who needs space but even after yesterday we both knew we would reunite again in hopes that after this break we will become strong and whole like we once were. I NEEDED THIS. Thank you and I wish nothing but the best.

  8. Ashley Signorelli says:

    My husband and I have been together for 11 years. Married 3. We broke up 2 times both times civil and just because in the moment, it felt right. We had also started dating at 15 and 17 so we were young. But now two daughters in. We are happier than ever, and that time apart honestly made us appreciate each other more

    • Hex 𓁹 says:

      You and your husband is the same age difference as me and my bf. We’ve been together when we were young 12 and 14 and now I’m leaving HS and he’s currently in the US military rn so we haven’t been talking as often. We’ve broken up once and it was because if a passing of a family member but we got back together in April. We’ve never fought once (which is huge for me bc I have a temper lol). So it’s nice to see someone who is happy and married to someone they’ve been with around the same age I met my bf.

  9. giani matos says:

    Ayla I completely get why you freaked out over you saying “together forever”. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years and I love him to death, but there are times when you look into the future and you’re like holy shit. FOREVER. it’s scary but exciting. both of you guys should always look back at this video and know that every person needs to love themselves first. that’s why you guys are flourishing now! love you guys so much!

  10. Aanjalina stewart says:

    I’ve never understood somebody more when it comes to relationships. My anxiety gets in the way so much so I feel you kian

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