Note Block Universe – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 29

Note Block Universe – Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep 29

Green has to use music to ask where Purple went.







Animated by Terkoiz, Fordz, Ellis02, Shuriken255, AJAnims, Able Rai, Simple Fox, SmoilySheep, Oxob3000, Hexal, Nemo, Kayal
Music by Aaron Grooves (first half), and Scott Buckley (second half)
Sound Design by Pepper, Alexandr Samarov, Egor
Backgrounds by TheKaemble, Avenoire, Brian Nguyen

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24 Responses

  1. Alan Becker says:

    now watch the reaction and director’s commentary!!!

  2. AMoralMarker says:

    Alan Becker is a remarkable storyteller. Conveying a story not through words but through elements of a pre-existing particle that was used differently than intended. Truly one of the best examples of “Show Not Tell” and he already did this with the many other animations revolving around the same characters and artstyle he’d done before.

  3. Josiah The Stickman says:

    What a masterpiece… this was “more than worth the wait” personified, and this really comes to show how far this show has come. The musical aspect is so entertaining, great to listen to, and builds up to where purple is and why he did what he has done. And his backstory is one of the best moments in this series, with such amazing character development told without a single word spoken. Purely Incredible.

  4. Ap0llo_Sh1ne28 says:

    I think we can all agree that the story and the visual of this episode are just incredible. One thing I really wanna see later on is how Red feels about Purple after the betrayal because it seems like Red was the one who trusted Purple the most and tried getting the others to trust him throughout the whole thing.

  5. Alpha Foxys says:

    I’ve always been intrigued by stories told through music and this took a step further by giving the notes form and having the music turn into a picture that we could watch. This is BY FAR the best musical story I’ve ever watched and listened to. Well done, sir!

  6. Alec O says:

    Its so amazing to see how far your animation skills have come. From your original Animator vs. Animation when you were still in school, to now. Its amazing. You have a real talent. I love every single one of your animations, for the beauty of your skill in storytelling and drama without a single word. Its hard to make a good animation with voice acting. Even harder to make a whole series about people with no voice. And even harder to make a series about a group of stick figures, each with their own personality, style, and story.

    You are truly a artist.

  7. Weegeepie says:

    I genuinely cannot believe this is 13 minutes, it felt so much longer than that
    This was perfectly executed, and so well made, even made me shed a tear
    God tier episode

  8. Malachi_Is_A_Penguin says:

    Yet another banger short from Alan, it’s insane the amount of times I end up coming back to watching these and just thinking about how much work was put into them. Even just the sound design, especially for this one, is amazing. It really helps give the stick figures their character. I love these, and keep up the good work😁

  9. i'm the coolest guy alive says:

    As fun and creative as the first few segments were music and animation-wise, I knew the Green-Purple duet (?) would be a standout from the first seconds. The 3D section blew me away, the wonderful soundtrack brought me to tears, and, just.
    The bit where Green gives Purple the Elytra, these wings that Purple so often took from someone. For the first time, they received the Elytra as a gesture by Green, a way to say “Hey, you’re not a bad guy. You can still be good.”, almost like a comforting blanket. Holy shit, man.

  10. C.J. Luciani says:

    Hey Alan! I absolutely love these shorts! My only issue is im having a really hard time remembering the events that happened the episode before between uploads so would it be possible to ask for a quick flashback or recap of the previous episode please?

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