Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Florida State Seminoles | Full Game Highlights

Notre Dame Fighting Irish at Florida State Seminoles | Full Game Highlights

No. 9 Notre Dame defeated Florida State 41-38 in overtime to kick off their 2021 college football season. Jack Coan threw for 366 YDS and 4 TD, while FSU’s McKenzie Milton made an improbable return to the sport after a devastating leg injury.

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36 Responses

  1. @_SonrisaFirme says:

    This was an all time classic game. I wanted Milton to get the comeback win for FSU tho! Two good teams tonight.

    • @_SonrisaFirme says:

      @shade38211 Are you ok?

    • Hannover Fist says:

      Norvell should have been fired last night

    • @_SonrisaFirme says:

      @Hannover Fist taking the #9 team in the country down to the wire in OT in your second year warrants a firing? What happened to the fans man 🥴

    • Apostle says:

      Notre Dame vs Florida State is a great rivalry, that was the best game from week # 1. Having said that remember that he first game of the College Football season is always confusing, College Football need Florida State and Notre Dame to be great.

    • Hannover Fist says:

      @@_SonrisaFirme I’ve been an FSU for over 40 years. This coach won’t be around long. He lost this game for these players. Milton should have started. You don’t go for it on 4th on your own 33, you don’t leave three time outs on the board at halftime, many other bad coaching decisions caused this outcome. It wouldn’t have even been a close game if Milton started

  2. Sports311 says:

    Jack Coan came from a Wisconsin offensive system that is predicated to running the football and playing conservative, he played a great game tonight. The big concern moving forward for Notre Dame is their defense gave up a lot of big plays in the 2nd half of this game

    • Cesar E Quevedo says:

      @Ryan isRad ND escaped with a win. I can’t wait a team like Bama giving you a reality check.

    • Nick Tirado says:

      Blame it on the defensive coordinator not the players he kept on with only three men upfront playing the pass
      Florida kept on running thanks to the silly defensive calls

    • Nick Tirado says:

      @Takman Klan Killa 187 I don’t think so he never made adjustments as Florida kept on running thanks to the bone head play calling by the coordinator he is over rated you make adjustments on the fly not after the game is done hello 😉

    • Irish Ron says:

      @Cesar…the university won’t care after that check comes in. As a lifelong ND fan I’ve come to terms with this

    • John Bortolin says:

      Don’t know why Notre Dame stuck with the 3/4 defence when they couldn’t stop the run but what do I know.

  3. Michael Carpenter says:

    As a Gators fan, do not hold your heads down, Nole fans. FSU played a helluva game, and earned a lot of respect tonight. If Milton stays healthy, it’s gonna be a good year for the Noles. All that being said, y’all gotta start Milton now.

    • Ryan isRad says:

      @F Youtube I doubt it. He got the ball in overtime and went backwards. Failed to produce points. It’s not too hard to come off the bench and throw 4 completions. Backups always come in and shine. ND’s mistakes made this game close

    • aristotle736 says:

      @Kimbo Slice which QB in the history of
      football on any level has been successful
      without protection. Travis can accumulate
      yards running. Unfortunatwly,Unfortunately, is NOT 1985 Oklahoma wishbone offense.

    • Kimbo Slice says:

      @aristotle736 our oline has been garbage for years but Travis is garbage to when it comes to throwing

    • Kimbo Slice says:

      @Ryan isRad truth

    • Richard Travick says:


  4. Twoin ss boss says:

    What a great weekend for college football welcome back fans welcome back

  5. SmallFloppa says:

    I’m not even a big college football fan and have lost a lot of interest in football recently but this game reminded me of why I loved it, I was hoping FSU would get the comeback but even though they lost what a game for them and notre dame

  6. riDQlous says:

    As an FSU student, I couldn’t ask for a better game. A classic thriller. Although we lost, we played with heart which is something I haven’t seen from the Noles in a long time. For Bowden

  7. jecht✰ says:

    this was such a fantastic game

  8. Ryan Smith says:

    Should’ve had Milton playing the whole dang game smh

    • Ram M says:

      @JJ lol

    • Cesar E Quevedo says:

      My views: FSU D is decent, our OL still needs much improvement. Norwell made a mistake last night in not seating Travis after the 1st quarter & putting Milton…a HUGE mistake!

    • Mike White says:

      As an Irish fan, I’m grateful he didn’t.

    • Ram M says:

      Milton didn’t seem any more dangerous than the other QB… The other one was fast and gaining confidence passing… Much more dangerous than Milton

    • ast12321 says:

      I wonder how it would have gone when ND was getting pressure for the first half/most of 3rd quarter. Travis was uncomfortable under all the pressure, but his legs bailed him out of a lot of situations that may have gone poorly for someone who doesn’t have his speed.

  9. Kenny Moore says:

    That second interception by Kyle Hamilton was just ridiculous.

  10. R C Nelson says:

    Man, that looked like a great game. Good on the Golden Domers.

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