NY lieutenant governor resigns after arrest in federal probe

NY lieutenant governor resigns after arrest in federal probe

New York Lt. Gov. Brian Benjamin has resigned in the wake of his arrest in a federal corruption investigation, creating a political crisis for Gov. Kathy Hochul seven months after she selected Benjamin as a partner to make a fresh start in an office already rocked by scandal.

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35 Responses

  1. Rudy Hinson says:

    Finally seeing a corrupt politician getting held accountable in NY.

  2. Fox Skinner says:

    I’m not shocked by the fact he did these things, but I am shocked they actually deciding to do something about it.

    • kst kst says:

      There’s a message. If u an AA in politics, keep ur nose clean more than anything….theyre watching ur every move. Good luck 👍

    • Lost Key says:


      One things I figured out, was these politician’s are killing with is left of this Country” as well family values” and, the innocents of the children” now, at a age that isn’t acceptable.

  3. Angry Patriot says:

    Saying politicians are corrupt is like saying water is wet.

  4. Tom Decuca says:

    We have all these “elected” officials that are so “trustworthy” and “above board”!! All of them are saints!! I cannot believe how lucky we are, to have these precious gems of people, that have our best interests in mind!!

  5. Alice L says:

    The truth is coming out😀Can’t stop it and can’t hide from it👏🏻👏🏿👏🏾👏🏼

  6. Gene Brant says:

    I love to see the bad the ugly and the corrupt taken out of our government just now 99.9% more

  7. A Bird says:

    Wow! Caught (another one) and actually prosecuting!! Salute!

  8. 1995dresser says:

    Look at the office of Governor for the state of New York over the past 20/25 years and you just can’t keep from laughing at all the scandal that has taken place

  9. JuJu Bee says:

    a corrupt politician?!? No way! 😏

  10. Rude dog AL says:

    Evidence the system is broken. Power corrupts absolutely

    • William Swenson says:

      @Master Shake How subtle. Gullibility would only be a solution if your aim is to have an empty pocketbook. As a New Yorker, gullibility isn’t a problem as we’ve considerable experience with hucksters and frauds over the years. Thomas Paine summed it up better than any when he said, “Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness.” While hardly an advocate of government, I believe he recognized its necessity as a counter to human vice, if nothing else. Expecting humans to found and maintain any government to a perfection that ensures no vice or inequality is folly. W

    • Master Shake says:

      @William Swenson gullibility isn’t a solution, either.

    • I LOLed says:

      Every system in the history of mankind since the dawn of civilization and for the foreseeable future has always been and will always be “broken” and “corrupt” in one way another. This is nothing new.

      If you can’t beat them, join them, and learn to play the game. You only live once.

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