NYC is Under Water

NYC is Under Water

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  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    HEY NEW YORKERS – if you have any damage to your property be sure to report it here asap. reporting can help get you disaster assistance and it serves other important purposes –

  2. PC says:

    Let’s give some appreciation for the city workers and emergency responders that worked to keep people safe and the infrastructure intact.

    • Saarth Desai says:

      exactly! They are doing the work that nobody else can.

    • Curious Nomad says:

      Especially the city workers unclogging the drains. I wonder if NY tried to be cleaner (tidier) would these things happen. They’d get water, but it wouldn’t cause such a mess.

    • Peter Whitey says:

      Let’s stop these “let’s … ” comments.

    • withershin says:

      Literally there are millions of people globally that do this job. Let’s praise teachers, nurses, insurance sales people, and Po-Po for having extremely common jobs that millions of people have had. These generic workers should be the focus of our praise. There’s nothing more important than keeping infrastructure intact…. ummm…. ummm… you must be older and more naïve than me. Bot bot wotz da bot?

  3. TheJustinKelsey says:

    My favorite thing is that it’s raining and Casey still rocks the sunglasses. Perfecto

  4. KayJayLin says:

    Man, this sucks for NYC, but man is it good to see Casey everytime something significant happens in NYC.

  5. bamboos says:

    This is the kind of news report I would like to see more. Not over dramatic and putting things into context. Great job!

  6. Leon Lush says:

    the 2 second “new york state of mind” outro is why i keep coming back

  7. Lydia Hudgens says:

    Heavily admit that this makes me emotional – its so good to have Casey back in New York. He’s a staple & always felt a little like our voice on here. Well done as usual Casey, great to have you back.

  8. outsider0x1 says:

    Casey Neistat. Better news reporting then every major networks.

  9. 09shadowjet says:

    As a Jakartan, I feel y’all New Yorkers. Stay strong guys. This shit is what we experienced every god damn year during the monsoon season.

    • Pete Nice says:

      What’s sad is, and I mean no offense when I say this, but New Yorkers shouldn’t be experiencing the same things Jakartans do. The US spends way too much on bullshit and ignores these things.

    • Lightspeed Lunatic says:

      Lmao, New York is slowly sinking due to the weight of the city and with rising sea levels this is only a taste of things to come.

  10. Julian Joseloff says:

    Wow, Casey. This video, of all videos, seems so expertly done, covers all the bases, and completed in such a short time frame as well. Good stuff.

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