NYPD arrests 17 alleged gang members in Brooklyn pre-dawn raids

NYPD arrests 17 alleged gang members in Brooklyn pre-dawn raids

NYPD officers suited up, rolled out and arrested 17 alleged violent gang members in several simultaneous pre-dawn raids on Tuesday.

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46 Responses

  1. Mike Boucher says:

    I hope this is a beginning of some real change cause I’m really sick of the stupid violence in my amazing city. These young ppl have to step up to better levels.

  2. A Rosario says:

    NYPD NEEDS TO DO THIS DAILY. Takedowns and more takedowns until it’s clear.

    • nystateofmind22 says:

      So go after the Jewish Russian gangs , Albanian gangs , Irish gangs , Chinese gangs, Caribbean gangs and South America gangs

    • Troy Aikman says:

      Then in prison, they will become stronger and come out. And repeat.

    • MissUrielle Shakir The SIREN-Arc Angel Uriel. USA says:

      They need EVIDENCE!!! And these type of take downs seem unconstitutional and witch-hunty. Every Black and Latino teen is a gangster if the Police have their story told.

    • Lee Brown says:

      New York has had gangs since the beginning and it’s not going to stop now, the police are a gang so what’s the big deal chumps

    • Are you sure about that says:

      You attack the criminals hard enough it will just breed a harder criminal why do you think the cartel is so violent they know when police are coming it’s the end so mine as well shoot it out

  3. Parvati says:

    Why do they live in public housing? It’s not fair that they take up a spot that someone who is LAW ABIDING that could live there!

    • Ir333 says:

      These people should be jailed, and permanently band from public housing.

    • Troy Aikman says:

      @Bill Brownstone Why don’t you go live in California. Sounds like you would love it there.

    • the greatest kos ufc4 says:

      Honestly u wouldnt want to live there and they paid they rent thats all that mattered u dont know how hard it was for them to make it this far proctecting themselves from the money they was making i dont care wat the news says about them if sumone is making money to get out but police did they job wats stupid is they did it rite acroos the street from the police station lol free the real money makers they always helped people to so dont bekieve everything the police say u dont know how bad the police station is to if u dont know the tru side to being in the hood cuz everyone is finding a way to get out

    • Arthur BB says:

      Does NYCHA check the criminal record of the person applying and their kids? Probably not. I assume they check your income but I know people living in the projects and as a couple pull in over 100k a year.

    • James Street says:

      @Topopposition Haze I don’t live there. But, there are 2 gang members in Cali that are sporting a set of store bought teeth. Courtesy of Master Jim.

  4. Wuluminati ! says:

    They need to conduct these raids everywhere across the country

  5. Jack Rapp says:

    I was a police officer 27 years and this is a lesson I learned long ago…it is human nature to see how far people (criminals) can go and get away with…the more they get away with, the more brazen and aggressive they become…need an example ? sure here it is…when you let a shoplifter take something from a vendor and do nothing to stop him, do you really think he won’t do it again and again and again ? Why should they stop ? Free stuff and everybody appreciates free stuff…but if you crush a thief’s hand with a hammer (draconian I know, but effective) you know he will really think hard about doing it again…just saying

  6. Crystal Stott says:

    Good job out there! Prayers for you men and women of service and to your families! Prayers also for the community to come together stronger than ever to hopefully save and turn some lives around.

  7. Nafisa Sexyconscious Jabbie says:

    Thank you NYPD for keeping NYC residents safe with this arrests. Now the DA’s should, must, need to and have to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. As a mother it’s heartbreaking to hear how heartless these teenagers are being reckless without remorse. We need to do better as parents by monitoring our children

  8. Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area says:

    When they have no regard for people in their Community I have no regard for them!!

    They deserve to be punished by the full extent of the law!!!

  9. Lynzy Risingsun says:

    For the first time we actually see the police making the streets safer in a big way….no wonder why they had the news with them on this one.

  10. Mylane Kid says:

    I’m just Mad that it wasn’t the FEDS that picked them up. they can easily fight these state charges and get away. In the Feds they set the examples different.

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