Why Is Diablo 4 SO BAD?!

Why Is Diablo 4 SO BAD?!

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Diablo 4 has sold more copies in it’s opening month than any of Blizzard’s other games. But does this success mean the game is any good? Well, no… And in this video I’m gonna tell you why.

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Introduction – 0:00
Minor Complaints – 3:32
Fatal Flaw #1: Difficulty – 4:43
Scaling Difficulty Ruins the Open-World – 8:53
A Dark Tone Makes No Sense – 12:30
Fatal Flaw #2 Skills – 16:36
Camera & Side Content – 20:12
Dumb Stats, Boring Loot – 24:40
Gold is Worthless… in an RPG?! – 28:51
Story – 31:17
Conclusion – 41:22

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47 Responses

  1. The Act Man says:

    Try Rocket Money for free: https://rocketmoney.com/actman #rocketmoney #personalfinance

    Diablo 4 has sold more copies in it’s opening month than any of Blizzard’s other games. But does this success mean the game is any good? Well, no… And in this video I’m gonna tell you why.

  2. SavvyJwheezy says:

    I’m most impressed this man was able to explain about all the problems in the game without once mentioning Path of Exile… That deserves an award.

    • Justin Cider says:

      I played PoE for like half a year. It was way better imo.

    • The Act Man says:

      Never played Path of Exile or seen gameplay of it lolol

    • Kyle Dodson says:

      He really sticks to mainstream games in most cases (halo, COD etc)

    • Vinicius Carvalho says:

      @The Act Man if u liked diablo 2 over diablo 3, PoE is THE ARPG for you

    • Blindfire says:

      @Vinicius Carvalho PoE is too complex and annoying for most people to get into. The simplicity that Blizzard gives with its building paths without needing to follow a spreadsheet over whether or not +1.2% damage or +.8 fire damage talent is better because they lead to completely separate parts of the tree.
      Plus doing the EXACT SAME story over and over each season without any changes is just zzz

  3. Lazzer49 says:

    Thank you for making this so that asmongold doesn’t run out of content 🙏🏻

  4. Cinder Pox says:

    Just to give you another point about progression, there’s a ranger at the beginning of the first Act in Diablo 2 that talks to you telling you that you seem weak and that the monsters ahead are much stronger, thus making you want to get a few more levels before crossing that line!

  5. Pleplerhep says:

    Id say the power fantasy was very much present in D1, but you had to earn it, getting the gear and trashing trough the parts of the game that gave you a hard time when you started made you able to play it over and over. Spamming that chain lightning while surrounded by mobs as mage once you were able to do it proper was the best feeling.

  6. Matthew Haworth says:

    My biggest issues are definitely the lack of difficulty/world scaling, and the stat/gear system. You pretty much nailed all the reasons for these the only thing I would add is in regards to the stats/gear… Because there are so many different “stats” and modifiers etc it makes determining which piece of gear is best for you so confusing. It’s like you literally need to make an excel spreadsheet and a tax degree to try and determine what piece of gear is optimal.. at level 10, let alone level 50+. I think this plays a part in why gear is so boring and unexciting. It’s tedious to simply determine which piece to slot so you just stop caring.. and the game is so ass crack easy that it doesn’t matter anyway. I think easy and yet tedious is the best way to sum up d4

    • Andrew Lochelt says:

      Have to agree. I noticed the same thing with Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Martyr. It’s just like D4 but with guns and stuff, and the items are so abundant with tens of thousands of different affixes and modifiers that the actual type/style/macrocharacteristics stop being important and you simply add a piece of gear with slightly better stats from time to time if you even feel like it since you’re always op

    • F#СК МЕ! ТAP 0N MY P1C says:


    • GrucciGang 0 says:

      If you don’t want to look at stats for the best gear then play on a lower world teir.

    • DatManBrooksie HD says:

      Have you hit tier 4 and done nightmare dungeons agains enemies 25 levels higher than you? I just did a tier 33 NM dungeon at level 72 and it was a completely different experience, skills and aspects actually matter.

    • SandBox H3ro says:

      It takes a while to figure out, which is why the expense of respeccing your character is so outrageous, because unless you were watching guides from the start of your character you’re going to have to reset your skills sooner or later. But once you do figure out which gear affixes and aspects and skill points are right for your build, its one of those things that you cant believe you didnt see before, at least thats how it was for me. Once you get it though, it’s like your character just put on his god tier boots and is ready to rumble. The difficulty opens up wide once you get into the higher world tiers, and the campaign and pre-tier 3 difficulties almost seemed like a tutorial.

  7. Damaxyz says:

    I had yet to see a Diablo 4 review that came this close to my personal experience – you literally nailed it.

  8. Aukum 378 says:

    It’s weird how in the game industry even if a game makes a billion gajillion bucks it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, back in the day I felt like a game making good money was a sign of quality.

    • Wasteland Legoshi says:

      Used to, yeah. Then again we had underrated gems

    • ö—ö says:

      Lack of talented dev cause you are not going to computer school to make me a diablo 7 to play by now smh

    • TheHazmatUnit says:

      How the turntables. Nowadays the games that arent making tons and cashing in on players are the best ones to check out and a sign of love and quality. Take Dead Island 2 for example, it didnt sell fuckloads nor was it ridden with microtransactions, but it was quality and the most consistent, bug-free AAA(felt like a polished indie tho) release in the year.

    • C H A F F . G says:

      yeah because back in the 2000s, the average gamer was a cool, nerdy type. Now it’s every pleb with a phone and zero taste in anything.

    • Yourverymuchchillandkindacool_icecream says:

      Same here, but now, it’s first hand experience, in order to see the quality.

  9. Nick M says:

    Bro that’s exactly my issue with it. Level scaling is irritating AF. You just explained it better. I am an EQ2 player and going back after maxing out to old zones to complete quests was fun to me because I earned the right to be OP. Then I also had major raid bosses and dungeons to do that was way above what I could handle and you actually had to work together in a 24 man raid to get this done. I miss EQ2

    • Joshua says:

      if you are playing this game and dont end up outscaling the mobs that should be scaling with you in 1 hit you are playing it wrong.

      This is the most insane complaint i keep getting seen spewed out all over the place and frankly melts my brain

  10. status quo says:

    Most exciting part in Fallouut 2, was that just at beginning of the game you had elevator in abandoned mine, that required electronic lockpick, which you could get at the end of the game.. 🙂

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