🤦‍♂️ it’s a good thing they’re streamers…
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19 Responses

  1. Oueia says:

    John’s experience really shows. He’s so level-headed. This was fun!

  2. Prince Steven says:

    As someone who worked as a barista in these shops for a year and a half, it’s not that easy to be familiar with almost a hundred types of drinks. Really fun to see OTV do this.

  3. Parker DeLaCruz says:

    Seeing Lily go through every food service worker’s typical training arc is hilarious

  4. Anton says:

    John looks like a father teaching his kids how to run a milk tea business

  5. rowni says:

    Imagine ordering a drink and you see michael and yvonne getting sturdy at the back 😂 also lily having a mental breakdown 😂

  6. Loke Rexas says:

    Chet looks like the fun collegue you just joke around with and nothing gets done

    • Clamhands420 says:

      Chet was only his name the first day, then his name became Kyle, but his friends call him bean-boy, and 3 weeks after starting, even though he’s always in a good mood, Kyle Chet (bean-boy) Burns will walk out in the middle of the shift after declaring “I forgot my hat!” and apologize profusely to the hostess on the way out the front door even though it’s her first day and she’s never seen him before.

    • Green assassin says:

      That’s me

    • The Trusty Sidekick says:

      Yup, and he’s the work colleague you wanna have to save you from boredom.

    • Chloe Riordan says:

      But somehow you look at him and it’s like he snorted crack when you blinked and becomes the most productive person in the shop 🤣

    • XEthaan says:

      I’m the Chet

  7. xPreame says:

    As an ex boba employee… it’s too relatable watching lily have a mental break down.

  8. giziyo says:

    Love that everyone is in panic mode and Poki is just chill on the register

  9. Theo Sy says:

    as an ex boba employee, this was too funny to see them stress out with all the different orders.

  10. CrimsonEclipse18 says:

    Brodin is honestly such a godsent, the videos have all been super great and creative ever since he became their creative director.

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