‘Omi in a Hellcat’ speaks out after arrest in federal piracy case

‘Omi in a Hellcat’ speaks out after arrest in federal piracy case

Local YouTuber Bill Omar Carrasquillo, known as ‘Omi in a Hellcat,’ speaks with FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell after he was accused by federal authorities of heading a massive digital piracy scheme.

MORE: https://bit.ly/2W9V6aY

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52 Responses

  1. RogerM says:

    This is an example why career millionaires, like to stay low profile avoiding to exhibit all their assets.

    • Astarr l says:

      @Lord of the Jungle I said he has to buy those assets to associate with the legit business he is portraying…on the other hand the illegal route he takes also transpires into those business.if you invade taxes you took an illegal route.. money laundering is you hide the real gross income you file

    • Astarr l says:

      @Lord of the Jungle his business not legit on the account he on for piracy

    • Harrid Perez says:

      @Jeanie Buss why u hating. ? You’re too jealous right!!!

    • Television Archive Studios says:

      @jdwool08 He tried to hide some of the evidence

    • Anisya pratiani says:

      Life’s story is a short journey so have fun before sleeping forever
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      #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков .#垃圾.

  2. Ahrvo says:

    This dude really doesn’t know what questions not to answer… any questions on guilty should have been ignored completely

    • NewChris024 says:

      @cr1m203 i guess your definition of snitching is different than mine. That’s like if I’m a drug dealer and you you a drug dealer , I get locked up , I say in an interview that the other drug dealer 2 blocks down ( you ) ain’t get locked up , that’s snitching.

    • cr1m203 says:

      @NewChris024 no, you’re comparing the streets to white collar stuff. This is why people need “street and book smarts combined” because all your comments deal with the streets. Comcast don’t deal in the street nor does our federal government. You’re trying to create a straw argument at this point. He was 1,000% on what he was saying but “street” people don’t understand it because of their ignorance for white collar things. Maybe street drug dealers should be saying how come we can’t sell drugs but the pharmaceutical companies can for the same drugs. Now you seen what I just did there with book smarts? It’s because of people like him and others before him they gave us our digital freedom. Come out the hood and explore other things or do you blindly just pay for things?

    • NewChris024 says:

      @cr1m203 1. In my opinion that’s snitching , regardless of the type of crime , snitching isn’t only telling on someone for murder, that’s the biggest misconception , people think it’s only snitching if you’re name is on paperwork, Omi was involved in criminal activity and got arrested for it , he then mentions his colleagues that were involved in that same criminal activity that never got arrested , THATS SNITCHING. His specific words were that “there are other colleagues involved in the same business i was in , they never got in trouble with the FBI.” You think the Feds ain’t watch the video
      2. The example I used of a drug dealer was that of if both parties were involved in criminal activity , pharmaceutical company’s are considered to be legal , whether I agree with it or not it’s legal, A drug dealer can speak bad on a pharmacy no more than a serial killer speak bad on a sniper in the military that kills legally.
      3. Did you read the indictment ? Here are some off the charges
      Bill Omar Carrasquillo aka Omi is charged with: one count of conspiracy; one count of violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act; one count of reproduction of a protected work; 19 counts of public performance of a protected work; four counts of access device fraud; six counts of wire fraud; three counts of making false statements to a bank; nineteen counts of money laundering; two counts of making false statements to law enforcement officers; two counts of removal of property to prevent seizure; and four counts of tax evasion.

      In total and if convicted, Mr. Carrasquillo faces a maximum possible sentence of 514 years in prison, as well as supervised release, fines, restitution, and asset forfeiture.

    • cr1m203 says:

      @Jeremiah Muchangi, no it’s called digital protesting.

    • cr1m203 says:

      @NewChris024 I been read all of that and 99% of it has to do with the copyright act. He wasn’t snitching he was protesting how the feds allowed him 2 years to violate copyright laws so in his mind he was legal about it. To understand what he was saying you first have to own understand how the digital world works. NO ISP cut his streams, no ISP cut off his internet so therefore he thought it was all legal. His down fall wasn’t paying taxes. He was protesting the digital market but lots of people don’t know that. He followed in the footsteps of his fellow players thinking it was legal was his point. Let’s not forget this dude at a YouTube channel with millions of followers. I have seen kids in their mommy basement have their Internet cut off for much less. The feds used him to gain more money. Read and understand his charges. 99% Internet charges. Not paying taxes is his downfall. The feds don’t care about copyright they only care about not getting their cut. Plenty of people before him went through this same thing. It’s always been a war going on in the digital war however the feds just want their cut. Comcast should be giving him a job just like hackers get jobs for network security. This man did the impossible for the digital work during times like this. Streaming services are at an all time high for desperation and he pulled it off. He is a better asset for Comcast in a back room some where than in prison.

  3. isitMee TV says:

    They want to draw more attention to the guy just so he could get more time in prison. News is sick

    • M Shine says:

      No his FOLLOWERS ARE SICK if they believe him after seeing his charges they’re just dumb or children! I read the indictment and they actually already indicted his “partners” too but like this fool alludes to when he incriminates himself saying “I found the loophoole” and “I ran through it” the government is already aware that he is the ringleader that put it all together and that the other two men worked for him to distribute one in Cali the other in NYC so he’s dumb if he thinks the government will be offering him a plea for giving them up as they want the flashy boss who became a Youtuber to flaunt his illlegal wealth to make an example of not his workers.

      He’ll definitely lose many of the 64 counts he’s charged with as what he’s not admitting when asked if “COMPLETELY innocent” is that in his indictment they have proof of him during a time he literally made millions from his illegal service that he calls legal “loophole” he only reported $550 in income for taxation and no judge or jury is going to buy he thought it was legal crap yet you hid millions of “legal income” from taxation and the oh blame my accountant excuse won’t work when you under report over 20 million so you’re dreaming if he think he gets off or doesn’t know what he did was illegal as he even creates dummy companies to launder money.

    • Jones says:

      That’s expected of the NEWS. He’s an idiot for falling into it!

    • Dancehall Entertainment TV says:

      @M Shine government are fucking extortionist at the end of the day, I wish that man be bless by the hands of god and walk away without jail time. It’s a pity police are indoctrinated in their system and don’t realize they are the scammer and turn around lock they ass up.

    • Jedimaster420 says:

      that’s not what news does.lol. They’re doing it for R a T I N G S .. SAY IT W ME.. RATINGS. He gona incriminate himself nmw. So..he is dumb..but thinks he slick taping the tapers(news) yeah..he needs a new lawyer for w/e da faq this is. never heard a him or this ‘case’

    • Bro Man says:

      Your opinion

  4. Letter Adrian says:

    Dude love the camera… that’ll be his Achilles heel

  5. SgtFred USMC says:

    He’s never heard of the phrase,”Talk to my lawyer”

  6. ABCRE2 says:

    The feds are making fools of themselves.

  7. Kthomy401 says:

    They’re trying to make him as an example and that’s lame of the feds. Let that man live he clearly doesn’t promote negative (if y’all seen his vlogs)

    • BabyIgot CHOMONEY says:

      He getting money more then them and they not getting a cut……. And he’s black lol

    • Greg F says:

      Lol… illegal is illegal. I like the guy but he clearly was in the wrong (hypothetically in the wrong, innocent until proven guilty of course). Just bc he’s popular doesn’t mean he should be allowed to steal. You don’t have a bunch of accountants/lawyers and accidentally commit wires fraud, money laundering and intellectual property theft. He knew the risks along the way and no needs to be held accountable.

    • the black spot says:

      Don’t be simple.

    • Ser Art Dayne says:

      @BabyIgot CHOMONEY of course, it’s a race thing, not the fact that, you know, he broke the law. The race card is getting old.

  8. Philly215 says:

    He just won’t stop talking lol. I know his lawyer is shaking his head.

    • SL1TFACE says:

      @Rotweiler Scholar thanks

    • Philly215 says:

      @fluoxetine60mg the fact that this guy needs this explained to him is sad lol

    • Philly215 says:

      @SL1TFACE nope. But anything you say, can and will be used against you in a court of law. Why are you giving the media interviews. A simple, “no comment” is what he needs to focus on. Everything he says is something his lawyer will have to deal with later.

    • joe moody says:

      @All I wanted was a hellcat like so so incriminating himself and admitting guilt? Lol 3:00 and you think that’s not dumb? 🤔 dude is getting time just from this video alone

  9. william hall says:

    “I seek counsel in this matter”, fire your attorney he should have advised you not to give interviews to the media.


      It think it’s a philly thing…….AR AB was the same way now he’s in time out at camp fed 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Suplex Beast says:


    • Suplex Beast says:

      @D STONE lol 😆

    • Blazedones says:

      @Salingstuff80 doesn’t matter its called the 5th amendment. When the government is involved in your life in anyway. Invoke that right, especially, if you haven’t gotten counsel/ a lawyer…

      Police talking to you; plead the 5th. Reporter talking to you about a case; plead the 5th. Any government agent asking you a question;plead the 5th.

      If you don’t use your rights, you lose them.

  10. NatureLover302 says:

    He cool asf really. He been talking about his case for a year on his YouTube channel. This is how he made his money back.

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