Ordering Delivery to the Driver’s House Prank

Ordering Delivery to the Driver’s House Prank

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Ross @CreationsRoss
JJ @JJmizell
Kole @kole.clark



0:00 Legend
0:02 Bring your barber to work day
1:20 You still got it in you
1:57 Dude, YouTube
3:19 Website promo
3:37 Ordering Delivery to the Delivery
Driver’s House
10:18 We try to split it

10:33 Sweet tea for the sweetie
12:37 Ross and Rob adventures
19:45 New video
19:56 Outro
20:11 Ohhh no

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48 Responses

  1. Vlog Creations says:

    I have a little present for u. It’s a secret tho 🤫

    Presidents’ Day sale today – 25% off forever for a membership on the website. Code “PRESDAY” Only valid for 24 hrs.

  2. Bryce Edward Brown says:

    I was not expecting the delivery driver to just take off like that! I really want to know what was going through his mind

  3. da pug says:

    7:40 you missed a huge opportunity to make this prank epic. You could have asked dude to stay inside his house and you could have answered the door when he came with the pizza.

  4. Myhouseisdirty says:

    Imagine if they would of let you answer the door since he knew who you were the Grandpa would of flipped out 😭😂

  5. DanTheTurtleMan says:

    Hilarious as per usual. Absolutely killing it Ross!

    • IryPrincess says:

      @Angel b good luck functioning in the real world when you think all criticism = trolling

    • IryPrincess says:

      @Tommy Richards I agree. Rosses videos have been missing the mark for the past year or so. Quantity over quality. All his quality content he’s charging people for now, which is cool and i can understand, but if that’s the case I’ll probably unsub from this channel.

    • Tommy Richards says:

      @Angel b not even trolling… what was this?? Ross has been so quantity>quality lately

    • Angel b says:

      @Tommy Richards Must be sad to troll for no reason

    • DanTheTurtleMan says:

      @Tommy Richards opinions are like 🍑 holes. Everyone’s got em and they all stink 🤣

  6. Dzillahawk says:

    Create a double/triple seated wheel chair and have three of you sit in it with leg casts on. Take it into stores, go through the park, etc. The funny part will be all the space you take up/things you knock over but to add to the layer of funny is most people wont say anything to you in fear of offending someone for their disability.

  7. Adam Anderson says:

    Legit funny af. Solid video. Even enjoyed story time with Ross. Difficult to keep pacing and watch time with a vlog-style part. But here it’s fairly smooth and concise. Good job Ross and team

  8. Eddylunchmeat says:

    Imagine the awful things that man did to that pizza just for Ross to give it to his own family.

  9. Zypic says:

    You should ask people at the gym to work in with them and then have 20 people around the corner to use the machine with you

  10. HER SEA says:

    You should hire a private investigator to follow a private investigator, who follows another private investigator in a loop.

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