they are her favorite after all

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25 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Yor isn’t technically wrong, Anya got what she wanted, just not what she expected.

  2. Metuo S. says:

    this…is actually shockingly accurate. Yor being airheaded about anything other than murder is right on key.

    • Joaquin Gamarra says:

      That’s almost accurate.

      Yor being airheaded about anything other than murder AND cleaning house is right on key

  3. Unnamed Visitor says:

    Yor: “My bad, I thought she meant she wanted Peanuts as in the cartoon characters.”
    Loid: “Even if she did, I doubt this would’ve worked any better.”

  4. Rickardt says:

    Yo, that transition for Yor as she says “…surprise!” And leaves the frame is slick! Great stuff as always!

  5. The Shuckmeister says:

    Imagine Yor as Lucy with the football but when Charlie Brown misses the kick and falls on his back, he hits a landmine

  6. Anthony Worstell says:

    Loid: “I meant the food, peanuts!”
    Yor: “Well how was I supposed to know?”

  7. Elvis Martinez says:

    Was not expecting that, honestly thought Yor was going to give Anya almonds or something.

  8. just me says:

    I was expecting “HEY YOU, IM LOOKING FOR YOUR PEANUTS.” Im not disappointed

  9. Smoke says:

    Loid: she likes the food not the characters.
    Yor: OHHH. ill just go kill a peanut farmer then.

  10. GB says:

    Seeing Anya’s ghost slowly ascending is just the cherry on top for this

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