We Made a REAL Plasma Blaster | OT39

We Made a REAL Plasma Blaster | OT39

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36 Responses

  1. JohnHenry9898 says:

    Is Mark going to eat the basketball on the tour?

  2. Chris Ivan says:

    I hope one day they want to do plunger trick shots with the plunger guy

  3. That'll Work says:

    Yes I love Overtime! 🙌 This was a great one guys

  4. Minion the Crek 2.0 says:

    Garrett was a unbelievably genius of the Plasma Blaster

  5. calleigh cooper says:

    Can we all just appreatiate how hard working these boys are. love you guys❤

  6. apex predator says:

    Ahh.. it’s always great to watch overtime than any other dude perfect video’s. I wish they should make atleast 2 OT’s in one month

  7. Dylan Smith says:

    OT has slowly became my favorite videos they upload. I could watch hours of these

  8. Vandana Bansal says:

    these guys have come all the way from making trick shots in backyard to simply play with plasma blasters

  9. DigimonAT0318 says:

    This episode of Overtime could really be considered a day of major ups and downs for Garrett: Gets a SuperCool, loses 50/50, wins at Get Crafty, and ends it by doing Wheel Unfortunate.

  10. Dreams XTC says:

    As someone who has mowed laws for a living, Garett’s art was impressive.

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