Peso Pluma Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Peso Pluma Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Peso Pluma goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma at Flight Club in New York City and talks about wearing Air Force 1s while growing up in Mexico, camping out for Supreme, and Drake sending him his Nike sneakers.

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42 Responses

  1. Complex says:

    Haga clic en el botón CC para ver subtítulos en español.

    What’s your favorite sneaker that Peso bought?

  2. CHINO5CDS says:


  3. YoungR says:

    This is how the Mexican culture does it. Gets put on then puts the team on and gets them involved as well ✊🏽🇲🇽

  4. Dayana Castillo says:

    the fact he brought his crew out and got shoes for them too, he’s so humble

  5. Lorena Vi says:

    Viva México y arriba la doble P 🥷🕷

  6. Daniel Harris says:

    As a 30+ white dude, Sneaker Shopping has introduced me to countless artists and creators I would have otherwise never heard of. Love it!

  7. Vexal says:

    This guy is so humble gotta love his down to earth style.

  8. Amazing_Luiz says:

    Peso Pluma is a very humble dude, we’re from the same city, so it makes me very proud to see him accomplish all his goals, sígale dando duro pariente! 🇲🇽 saludos!

  9. dannisw says:

    It’s crazy that he made it this far, I’m so proud he is getting the attention he deserves sounding all over the world, even being in a sneaker shopping video with complex, no tengo palabras 🇲🇽❤

  10. Eduardo Sanchez says:

    The cinco de Mayo out of his own personal collection is crazy, puma a real one for that 🙏🏽

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