blink-182 – ONE MORE TIME…

blink-182 – ONE MORE TIME…

ONE MORE TIME…, the new album from blink-182 is out October 20th. “ONE MORE TIME” the new song, is out this Thursday, September 21.
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32 Responses

  1. Shesez says:

    Dude all the songs previewing in the background. this album is going to be AMAZING

  2. Cobus says:

    You three dudes have inspired & soundtracked my life for 20+ years, so I will slowly soak up every second of this album like only a mildly dejected milennial can. Damn stoked for the new album and thankful to be on the planet with you guys 🤙🏼

    • Christian Smith says:

      Bro! I fell in love with blink 10 years ago after finding your drum cover of up all night. Been drumming along ever since!

  3. FishPunk76 says:

    I am 46 years old, a grown ass man, and this brings tears to my eyes. Never underestimate the number of people you touch with your music!

  4. Robert Mere says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever cried and laughed at the same time so hard inside. Blink means a lot to me and I can’t wait to hear the new single on Thursday. Cheers guys! We can stop edging now!

    • Mr.J13 says:

      Me too men we really love these dudes. Come on robert lets go one more time!! Let me just take my backpain killers now😂❤

  5. The Regan Bros says:

    Can’t wait for this!

  6. Julian Alcetegaray says:

    I’m 73 now and Blink-182 always makes me feel like a teenager with a lot of energy.

  7. Alex Young says:

    I’m 36 now and all of this feels so close to home. blink-182, Boxcar, +44, Transplants, AVA… they’ve all played a massive role from being kids to growing into adults together— tragedies in between for all of us. Here we all are again, forever. Welcome back, blink!!!

    • Some Guy says:

      Couldn’t have said it netter myself, what they’ve all gone through and are going through, I lost all grandparents, both parents and a child in that time and I’m only 32, but something feels right again knowing this is actually happening and they’re back together.

    • NATALACHI says:

      ​​@Some GuyI’m so sorry for your losses man. Death sucks. Hopefully one day, somebody writes a really good song called Death Sucks. And hopefully it’s Blink. Because yeah, from when I was a highschool punk through parenthood and all the pain I’ve been through, through it all, Blink and the Blink Extended Universe or BEU (lmao) as been a constant. And like you said, there’s something so right about them being back together again and seemingly firing on all cylinders. I love it so much. And it’s like the world is starting to make sense again

    • Grace says:


    • WhaT3ver says:

      rock on 1987’s!!!

    • Roland Deschain says:

      Dude, I don’t know you and I’m pretty sure we’re not even from the same continent. And yet it feels like I’ve known you forever.
      Keep it up!
      Everyone always remember, there are decent, funny and chilled people everywhere. Around the world.
      Sometimes it doesn’t look like it.

  8. MikeScrima says:

    Words simply cannot express my excitement and how much this means to me and all of us blink fans. I’ve been listening since I was 9 years old watching the “What’s My Age Again?” video on MTV for the first time. You all have grown up so much and so have your fans.

    Much love and looking forward to hearing the new album!

  9. osricen says:

    Can’t express my gratitude enough for all the good times and memories this band gave me (and MILLIONS of people around the globe). Blink FOREVER. ❤

  10. Cristhian Campoverde says:

    Blink ha estado en todas las etapas de mi vida, “One More Time” es la canción que necesitaba para atravesar la etapa en la que me encuentro actualmente. Simplemente gracias por estar siempre, gracias. Nos vemos en marzo!!

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