Playing the Most Unhinged VR Games

Playing the Most Unhinged VR Games

Thank you Air Up for being the sponsor of this video! Don’t forget to get your own here and use my code DANNY for 15% off all orders. #airup #airuppartner


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edited by Jake Mayer @jakeshotfriend

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40 Responses

  1. Danny Gonzalez says:

    Thank you Air Up for being the sponsor of this video! Don’t forget to get your own here and use my code DANNY for 15% off all orders.

  2. gratefulbread-_- says:

    danny:”are there a bunch of racist kids??” entire collective of exasperated kids:”YES” that was both hilarious and disturbing lol

    • K Stickle says:

      The way they leapt to share their playground and its controls with a stranger makes me think they’re a little more likely to report the assholes ❤

    • LAS Eclipse says:

      I play gorilla tag and their are more nice kids than racist ones EDIT: I JUST MADE A GTAG VIDEO AND 350 COMMENTS??!?!

    • 2-Way_Intersection says:

      honestly, gorilla tag really is the vr equivalent of an elementary school playground in the best way.

      way too many kids for me to ever wanna play it myself (i can just simulate the movement in bonelab which is fine enough), but im happy it exists. not enough good, clean online games for kids.

    • zanpakuto man says:

      The gorilla Tag segment was actually pretty wholesome. I wish Danny would’ve told those kids about the video. Probably would’ve made their week, if they ever end up finding this.

    • Dakawan S says:

      Yeah but what is racist to them? The bar is set real low.

  3. doobedoobeedowaaa says:

    Jarvis in VR: Jumps off cliff to avoid socializing.

    Danny in VR: Jumps off cliff *in order* to socialize.

  4. Cockroach eating a krabby patty on the moon says:

    Danny really struck a goldmine with the children he met, they were all so polite and sweet, meanwhile the kids when I play are the literal spawn of hell

    • Stupid idiot says:

      When ever I play any VR game that has quest cross play and by extend loads of evil kids I get called so many homophobic and racist slurs.

    • ROMEO says:

      honestly most kids who play gorilla tag act like the ones danny met, i played like two weeks ago for the first time on my brothers headset and some of the kids realized how bad i was struggling and tried their best to help me, i still couldn’t figure it out in the end but it was a kind gesture lol

    • skunkhero1601 says:

      same, all the kids i’ve met in that game either scream or shout slurs

    • Crusty Ho says:

      @skunkhero1601 that’s probably why he is like “I heard there was racist people here” that would be the bad little children who think shouting racial slurs his hilarious

  5. KT Kaboom says:

    Those kids teaching you to pretend to eat fake hot dogs are just preparing you for being a dad tbh

  6. alien alien says:

    Danny meeting a bunch of nice kids that are also aware of how bad their community is is both wholesome and heartbreaking

  7. Firefreedom54 says:

    i dont know why but danny being taught a game by a bunch of children is lowkey wholesome

  8. Ashchi Cupcak says:

    Danny getting swarmed by a bunch of helpful kid gorillas is both hilarious and wholesome. They accepted him as one of their own so quickly 😂

  9. BornNoU says:

    Danny is going to be such a great dad
    I have no idea how he kept a straight face when the child asked “do you wanna know how a REAL MAN does it?!” but that’s awesome, it was funny but he didn’t make the kid feel bad by laughing at him, and in fact encouraged him. That’s so wholesome

    • Grace Foster says:

      I thought that was so sweet too! It reminds me of when my little cousins show me a cool trick but it’s just them jumping and spinning in a circle.

    • Markie P says:

      I think that’s mostly just from him being a comedian, not laughing at funny moments is a huge part of stand up and other forms of comedy. It was still super cute though.

    • brynnie fresh says:

      I had the same thought…such wholesome interactions between danny and those sweet kids

    • Vanswock says:

      Tbh the real man thing isnt really offensive

  10. blackcherryjavavine says:

    Danny is SO prepared to be a dad judging from the gorilla tag

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