ok, let’s talk about it. – The TryPod Ep. 181

ok, let’s talk about it. – The TryPod Ep. 181

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Miles Bonsignore

Rainie Toll

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44 Responses

  1. rowni says:

    The Try Guys are probably one of the most professional, self aware and mature content creation companies I’ve seen. Its like a breath of fresh air of how well they’ve handled everything. Its nice to see Keith and Zach vent out their stresses and emotions after the fact while staying composed and well spoken.

  2. Eileen Conway says:

    Let’s be clear, the try guys didn’t lose our trust, Ned did. We still love and support you guys.

    • Rose Hill says:

      @Sesha Richter oh thats very kind of you to say thank you

    • Lalo Ajuria says:

      but they knew….

    • Sesha Richter says:

      @Rose Hill I love the way you worded that and are also cautious to make assumptions.

    • Tracy S says:

      Poor Ariel. I mean, she lost her job now. If y’all think she’d love to come back at the podcast or the ‘Try Partner’ segment while they’re keeping the mistress around…..it’s clear whose side the company’s really on. Themselves. They want to protect their company more than they think of the victims: Ariel (who’s involved with Try Wives plus podcast), Will, Ariel’s kids….

    • Sesha Richter says:

      I still love and support Ned. We all fuck up. Love helps us grow through it. If I did this I would want forgiveness. (I also have the feeling we still don’t know the whole story tho. Which is okay it’s not happening to us personally)

  3. Brittney Bruno says:

    Keith: “Im still going to eat a ton of garbage”
    Me: ** deep sign of relief** “THANK. GAWD.”

  4. Lucky 44 says:

    Keith saying that the stages of grief are a circle is probably one of the most relatable, wise things that everyone can take away and use in their own lives. I don’t think he knows how significant that statement was! 💛

  5. James Kean says:

    Props to Eugene, Keith, and Zack for doing what they needed to do for THEIR business.

  6. TheCatie says:

    Huge props to Zach for going to that wedding for Maggie because he didn’t want her to have to face the drama alone. A+ fiancé move.

  7. itsTheTraumaForMe says:

    Fuck yeah to Eugene not doing the podcast because he doesn’t want to! Like, that’s my favorite part of this. I love the guys doing things they love and that are good for them, and if the pod doesn’t serve Eugene then so be it. This brought me so much joy for some reason.

    • L H says:

      @Rien Duplessis I think there’s also that any public reaction he makes would be *public*, as well as interpreted as endorsement for other, similar reactions. I get the sense he’s like, off-the-charts angry about this and knows if he expresses that publicly, there’s definitely a sector of their fanbase (and the internet generally) that would take that as permission and run with it.

      I think he’s being so restrained because he’s not stupid and knows that certain reactions from public figures lead to certain types of consequences and he doesn’t want to cause that. Eugene always struck me as being savvy like that. Plus, he knows this will all be available. One day Wess might come back and watch all of this when he’s older. There’s long-standing personal impact to any public move they make right now.

    • Eros says:

      I couldn’t agree more, but I came here to say your username made me scream laugh. Thank you for that internet stranger.

    • Moony rancher says:

      He was so pissed in that video 😭

    • nocx says:

      dude know he couldnt say anything nice and dipped. respect for that

    • Paige Rinker says:

      Same – made me so happy!! Honestly, I had stopped watching the tripod and came back for the drama… But, one thing that had made me stop was how forced it seemed in some aspects, and I think a big part of that is it not serving Eugene. So I am excited to tune in more.

  8. Jessica LeeAnne says:

    If Ariel chooses not to continue work with the Try Guys I understand, but in all honesty I will miss her so much! She was such an inspiration to look up to as a girl in my 20s. I sincerely wish her the best whether or not she continues to make content or not.

    • charlie b says:

      honestly my biggest question when i heard was if ariel was still a try wife, shes such an important person to so many fans and i will miss her so much. she deserves to keep her try wifeism if she so wishes

    • poppy lupton says:

      Being a new mum is terrifying especially being only 18 and I’m really struggling with body image and being my own person and not just ‘mum’ and Ariel has really shown me that it’s okay to not love your body postpartum through the ‘mom’s photoshoot videos’ and still being so proud to be a mum all the while having your own hobbies outside of your children and I really hope she is doing okay

    • Brittany Barrell says:

      Ariel is and will always be the best. None of this is on her, and I wish her all the best

    • Elizabeth Becker says:

      Totally agree! Ariel is such an inspirational woman and mother, she was always the most interesting part of ned.

    • dot dot dot says:

      That’s exactly what she is to me too. I loved her unapologetic openness about various topics on the You Can Sit With Us podcast, as well as her vast knowledge of things. And she was so kind. She was such a wholesome queen to me. I felt heartbroken for her when I found out all of this because I was just remembering the episodes where she and other moms posted thirst traps/posed for magazine covers, and Ariel and the others talking about their insecurities because the body obviously changes s lot after pregnancy and giving birth. For Ned to make his whole brand “my wife” and being a father and then go and betray his wife (who gave birth to their kids and thus has so much of her life and body change) is so insanely disrespectful, I still can’t wrap my head around it. I really hope Ariel is doing okay, and if not that she will be eventually. She doesn’t deserve that.

  9. swugbubble says:

    the not so subtle shade miles was throwing at ned during this episode was SUBLIME

  10. Emily Moore says:

    I was in the middle of a class when the news broke and a girl stopped class and told everyone out loud and it was genuinely like absolute chaos in this upper level college seminar. You guys have made quite the impact on my generation.

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