The Haunting Tale of Poltchageist

The Haunting Tale of Poltchageist

The tea was spilled on a spooky new Pokémon in a tale as old as matcha 🍵

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49 Responses

  1. Rasmus n.e.M says:

    I don’t wanna be mean, but after that horrible dad joke, the ending was fitting 😂

  2. Rasenburst says:

    We really just watched a Pokémon kill a bunch of kids and then wink at us

  3. GrinningChompy says:

    That Tinkaton’s look as Poltchageist fixes its hammer is hilarious. She’s not sure what’s going on, but boy is she happy to be there.

  4. Stanley Sophana says:

    The fact that it can fix Tinkaton’s hammer is even more terrifying

  5. Xilef Oak says:

    I really like how they do many Pokémon reveals with fun teasers and videos these days!

  6. Alex Yee says:

    Wonder if there will also be “Sinistcha” for a full family form or if it’s just a regional evolution for Sinistea like Applin

    • PokEthan says:

      I hope it’s not a regional evolution this thing looks like it needs a first or second evolution

    • fictionfan0 says:

      It could also be a new convergent evolution (a la Toesdscool and Wiglett), similar in many ways but still its own separate thing.

    • Ricardo Runos says:

      Might just be a Sinistea variant that inhabits a Japanese teacup instead of the European cup.

    • Foodfangirl says:

      @Ricardo RunosIt would still be called Sinistea though. If the name changes, it’s convergent evolution.

    • fictionfan0 says:

      @Ricardo Runos Not likely. The video clearly states it uses matcha, aka green tea. I doubt the Galarian native Sinstea will suddenly change what type of tea it is.

  7. GlitchxCity says:

    Poltchageist is adorable but brutal omg

  8. Wolfy the Rabbit Queen says:

    Okay, that was haunting and charming at the same time.

  9. Kyle Heck says:

    Love this guy, polteageist is already a solid pokemon so this is a rad new species

  10. DragolianX says:

    You know, if I had a nickel for each time a SV trailer showed a new ghost type draining the life force out of someone, I’d have 2 nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice right?

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