Pre-season highlights | Manchester United 2-0 Leeds United

Pre-season highlights | Manchester United 2-0 Leeds United

Highlights of our first pre-season game against Manchester United at the Ullevaal Stadion in Oslo, Norway.

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34 Responses

  1. Carl Ranger says:

    As a supporter of the other United, I just wanted to say thanks for the unbiased commentary, the clarity of the commentary and the length of the highlights. Puts our 4 mins 15 secs on MUTV to shame.

  2. sri ram says:

    Thanks from Man United fans to Leeds Official for uploading such an extended version of our game despite the result.
    RESPECT 🙏🙏🙏.

  3. robert catterall says:

    Both teams played youth players… that’s the way to go 👍👍 Bring the kids through ✌️✌️

  4. Ryan Van Patten says:

    As a man united fan, I love the respect these two clubs have for each other. The standing ovation at the start of the match was so amazing to see. Hopefully Leeds can be back in the premier league (where they belong) after this season.

  5. Josemc says:

    rutter, gyabi, joseph, hjelde, klaesson, all played well from what it looks like, especially rutter those progressive passes were beautiful. Its a shame that our youngsters are outplaying our “better more experienced players”.

    • Benjamin David says:

      It’s not a shame it’s a blessing, I’d rather have a strong youth coming through and let all the hangers-on go

    • DheloneZone says:

      @Benjamin David u do need some experience though

    • Hackle says:

      This is usually the case with the young ones coming through as they have to prove themselves. I’m a Man United supporter and our youngsters usually stand out every preseason


      Id use them, they want to play for the club; i believe the kids gave a good account of themselves.

  6. Ollie plays Cricket says:

    Even if we lost I’m pleased with that performance all round. Not too bothered as only pre-season and we used our teens and youth. Well played Man U

    • Shane Leonard says:

      How can you be pleased watching Ayling and bamford perform like that. Absolutely woeful

    • Ollie plays Cricket says:

      @Shane Leonard they’ve just got used to a new manager and new tactics. And plus I wasn’t talking about bamford and ayling. If anything they were the two players who I thought were the worst on the pitch. I’m talking about everyone else. Like the people that’s going to be the future for leeds United

    • Tanya Jacobs says:

      Our teens and youth ARe the squad now!! Everyone else has been sold/ left on loan!

    • Michel75 M says:

      WE Lost against a youth team too, all m’en in red are unknown .

    • Nyfbie says:

      @Michel75 M Yeah, definitely all of the man utd players are unknown. I mean Varane who? Lisandro Martinez, Jadon Sancho, and Mason Mount never heard of them either!

  7. Ed says:

    I really hope you guys will be back to EPL next season. Many of our countrymen play for Leeds, Struijk, Summerville and vd Heuvel!

  8. swewunna says:

    Leeds lost when they bring their regulars. They should have stuck to juniors who were more passionate.

  9. Telikanatik says:

    A good warm-up match…. RIP Gordon McQueen!
    Good luck to you guys in the up coming season… 🙏🏿

  10. Ian J says:

    The youngsters looked excellent, the older guys OH DEAR. ARCHIE GRAY he is going to stand out this season. I’ve watched him for the last 2yrs 7 he has been dangerous, abiet in the U21’s. He isn’t afraid to go. Watch out for him !

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