PSG vs. Bayern: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

PSG vs. Bayern: Extended Highlights | UCL Round of 16 – Leg 1 | CBS Sports Golazo

Extended Highlights, Presented By Heineken

Messi returns to European competition, leading a star-studded PSG side seeking their first UCL title as they host German juggernauts Bayern Munich.

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48 Responses

  1. Ripart21 says:

    Upa and de ligt really showed their potentials. Crazy good that game!!!

  2. TiroDeEsquina says:

    Nuno Mendes was PSGs only hope this match. Mbappe and Vitinha coming on gave Nuno the space he needed to cause PSG’s most dangerous attacks. Underrated player.

    • Moises Morales says:

      @TiroDeEsquina don’t even worry probably sandman is a 12 year old fan boy. I see your point and I was just thinking the same until I saw your comment. I am glad there is people who love football for the sport and not for the brands.

    • MJ mason says:

      Because coman was sub out that’s why

    • TiroDeEsquina says:

      @sandman1347 fair enough, i didn’t mean to come off as aggressive as i did, i just disagree that mbappe was the one who had the most impact. it was the tactical change that changed the game, not necessarily mbappe. but those are just my observations

    • sandman1347 says:

      @TiroDeEsquina I don’t need to watch more football friend. I have probably forgotten more about football than you ever knew. I’m not saying that your analysis is wrong but you are totally missing the actual key element that changed the match; which was the threat that Mbappe posed once he came onto the field. For the record, I rate Mendes and think he’s a genuine talent.

    • TiroDeEsquina says:

      @sandman1347 you need to watch some more football so you can have a deeper understanding of the game. maybe even rewatch this match.

      1st- it wasnt just mbappe that was subbed on and made a diference, vitinha also came on and i’d argue he had a bigger impact on the game than mbappe. he opened up the midifield, giving verrati and messi more options and releasing some of the load on the FBs.

      2nd- while mbappe and vitinha made an impact solely from the tactical change in the team, the player who actually made a difference in the new set up was nuno mendes, you can even see in these highlights that he created literally all of PSGs chances.

      the team doesn’t remain the same and just adds mbappe and that’s why they play different. mbappe coming on presented a new tactical approach which, in this case, accentuated nuno mendes’s performance

  3. JayCFC says:

    Crazy how much PSG rely on Mbappe, man was on the pitch for 30 minutes and changed the whole match. He’s simply incredible

  4. Kevin Wallace says:

    The pure talent on the field was insane. I can’t think of a game that had that many pure genius dribblers all on the field at once and then getting replaced by equally as good of dribblers

  5. Bear says:

    Without Mbappé on the field, they had 0 shots. Goes to show who really makes the impact on the team.

  6. Prithul Sarker says:

    Can we appreciate the tackle of Pavard on Messi which resulted in a red card? Without the tackle, Messi would have been a goal scoring position at final minutes. Also, Pavard calculated the tackle just before Messi is crossing the penalty box! Amazing defending!!

  7. Realistic Life says:

    This was a true professional football. Great moves, great passes, crazy dribbling everything done at next level. This game can still go both ways.

  8. Joshua Saddlemire says:

    Musiala needed to center that thru ball to Sané, Bayern needed that crucial second. I’m content for now but we needed to score more.

  9. MullerFan28 says:

    It’s the UCL final all over again with that scorline

  10. NeuralRain3 says:

    NO spoilers and speedy upload. Well done👏👏

    • Joshua says:

      @guy I never once said they didn’t have lives. I know not everyone has time to not watch something live, but that doesn’t change the fact that getting mad that a sports channel is doing their job by reporting the scores doesn’t mean anything. Like I said before, there’s a very high chance that they’ll still be spoiled before watching the video.

      If they know what’s going to happen and they don’t want to watch the highlights then that seems like a personal problem for them.

    • guy says:

      @Joshua stfu people have lives… they want to type in the game and watch without knowing the score….

      Seeing the thumbnail is like watching wrestling. You know what’s going to happen. Why watch??

    • Joshua says:

      @AminPlayz 🇵🇸 I genuinely don’t understand how one can get mad at being ‘spolied’ for a football game. Like if you search it on google, the scores are there. It’s the same for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. YouTube? That depends on how your page looks when you open it. And search suggestions can even spoil it.

    • AminPlayz 🇵🇸 says:

      @Joshuayeah but they didn’t reveal the score for people who couldn’t watch it

    • says:

      Coman in the thumbnail? They really do need to stop doing that.

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