Race Highlights | 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Race Highlights | 2023 Italian Grand Prix

Watch all the best moments from an absorbing race at Monza!

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41 Responses

  1. The Companion Cube says:

    This has to be Sainz’s hardest fought podium

  2. Ozz González says:

    The Ferraris’ fight for 3rd was brutal. This is art.

  3. cappew22 says:

    Albon has become one of the better defenders in F1 in the last two seasons, he rarely lets anything past, the pressure has to be insane but he never really makes a mistake. Really impressive. Sainz was great today, happy he can compete with Leclerc.

  4. Eileen Esmade says:

    I am an RB fan but I was overjoyed to see the Ferrari boys racing their hearts out! Proud of both Sainz and Leclerc!

  5. Chibi Skyline says:

    This has to be Red Bull and Ferrari’s most, if not, one of the most epic battle! And Sainz’s defence is really like a Lion defending his own kingdom!

  6. JZ says:

    Absolute fantastic race from sainz, he really fought for that after holding off verstappen for 14 laps, Perez, and leclerc! He really deserved that podium

  7. Handsome Georgian bank robber says:

    Sainz and Albon were both incredible today. They were put under immense pressure throughout the race but were able to resist time and time again.

  8. Lila says:

    As a RB fan Sainz definitely deserved to be driver of the day, the way he defended himself from the RedBulls was amazing.

  9. Bader Omar says:

    The Sainz/Leclerc battle in the last ten or so laps was so exhilarating and a joy to watch. Both great drivers

  10. Gamer's Laboratory says:

    WOW! . . . . it took Max 15 laps to get passed, well done Carlos

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