LSU vs. Florida State Game Highlights | 2023 ACC Football

LSU vs. Florida State Game Highlights | 2023 ACC Football

After going into the locker room down 3 at halftime, Florida State exploded in the second half to make a statement in a 45-24 victory over LSU in the Camping World Kickoff Game. QB Jordan Travis tossed 4 touchdowns on 23-31 passing and 342 yards. He’d add another touchdown with his legs. Keon Coleman had a game to remember for the Noles, catching 9 passes for 122 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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49 Responses

  1. George Hollingsworth says:

    I was wondering if I was crazy seeing FSU as at least a 13-point favorite. LSU and many pundits simply refused to take FSU seriously. They were looking past us.

    • SHSscorp82 says:

      A lot of the predictions had LSU as 3 point favorites. So sweet with just how wrong they were. 😂

    • PsyKlown says:

      No they weren’t overlooking FS, they are simply a below 500 team this yr. By mid-season, you’ll see the value of this win mean nothing in the rankings.

    • Kyle B says:

      ​@PsyKlownthis is the most copium take ever 😂😂😂😂 fsu gonna be playing for a playoff spot this year, just watch

  2. Shawn Williams says:

    That 2nd half by Norvell was a masterpiece

  3. Nick Wuebker says:

    The Noles might windup being a darkhorse Playoff team this year. They absolutely blew the doors of LSU.

    • Kyle Sawkon says:

      They easily got like 4 high caliber nfl players probly more I haven’t even been paying attention the past couple seasons but glad they’re good again

    • Fed_Express says:

      Not the dark-horse anymore

    • Cortney Everett says:

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    • Jr Bacon Deluxe says:

      @Kyle SawkonEight 4 Star transfers through the portal and every one of them was among the highest rated at their position. Pretty sure many analysts considered FSUs portal success one of the best offseason additions a college team could have.

    • Kyle Sawkon says:

      @Jr Bacon Deluxe the running back, wilson, and #5/#11 on defense are gonna be high draft picks guaranteed

  4. Hunter Trum says:

    FSU is everything LSU thought they were.

  5. Krisis says:

    As an ND fan I approve this beating. Kelly is the biggest fraud in college football.

  6. NFLFAN says:

    What a beast Keon is 9 receptions 122 yards 3 touchdowns jordan Travis and this man are beats gonna have a great season together

  7. Samuel Downie says:

    Either LSU didn’t deserve to be 5 or FSU is a lot better than 8. I think it’s a bit of both. Either way Florida State is scary

  8. SuperDave says:

    I am a Gator and hate FSU. With that being said I give the team a virtual high five because I was impressed at the hustle, discipline and the ass whooping they gave a good LSU team. I see FSU making it to the playoffs for sure. Great game

    • ChiefNoGood_TWG says:

      I agree wholeheartedly with this comment. I too am a 🐊 and hate FSU. But that second half was a clinic. Loved the adjustments. FSU is going to be scary!!!

    • DTWD says:

      Appreciate the love man, see y’all in November.

    • ChiefNoGood_TWG says:

      Let’s RSVP for next year. I don’t think we ready yet 😂😂😂

    • william says:

      They need to win at Clemson Sept.23 otherwise if they go 11-1 the final 4 might be a stretch if other teams in bigger power conferences end up with one loss. It seems the only way for a team besides Big Ten,SEC,ACC, Big 12 and possibly PAC 12 before broken up they need to go undefeated.

    • zora_noam flannery says:

      – I’m a Gator but I root for FSU and Miami to go undefeated until they play us. But dang, FSU looked good.

  9. AspireGD says:

    Friendly reminder that LSU’s coach stated “we’re gonna go beat the heck out of Florida State” before this game.

  10. Suyash Bhattarai says:

    What a game! So glad college football is back!!!

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