Rams vs. Buccaneers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

Rams vs. Buccaneers Divisional Round Highlights | NFL 2021

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36 Responses

  1. Extreme Philly Fishing says:

    *CRAZY* 2nd Half. What a GOOD GAME!!!

  2. Carson Claws says:

    As a lifelong lions fan, I couldn’t be happier for Stafford!

  3. max pain says:

    Good to see Stafford and Odell go deep into the playoffs.

    • Walter Brown says:

      The LA Rams are all in either win the Superbowl or BUST Matthew Stafford Von Miller Odell Beckham jr. The Rams been a talented team it is now or never

    • Walter Brown says:

      @david ellsworth in the start of the season the Rams had the DeSean Jackson when they cut him they needed an explosive receiver and they got Odell Beckman from Cleveland two games away from telling everybody kiss my ring just kiss it

    • andys coming says:

      @david ellsworth hater 😂 sound like you’re in high school

    • Marc C says:

      @david ellsworth you a grown ass man hating on a another grown man, you need some help

    • T. Dot89 says:

      @Liam Monaghan they have higher stats but may not be neccassairly better than him. Lets not forget baker barely threw him the ball, Stafford 180d Odell

  4. Avi Sarma says:

    3 games decided by a field goal and one OT thriller. One of the best divisional rounds of football ever!

  5. AH25 says:

    This divisional round was wild . Every game was a thriller

    • W8STSID8 says:

      If you really think the game is decided on the field your wrong everything has it’s purpose . Rams are winning the Super bowl because it’s in LA just like how Tampa bucs won last year in Tampa
      . It’s not hard to see it

    • SYED SHAZEB says:


  6. Mr. 007 says:

    This is what you call “snatching victory from the jaws of victory”

  7. Drake Warehall says:

    As a Lions fan, this is the closest the Lions will ever get to a Super Bowl. Lets go Stafford I’m pulling for you

  8. Mike Curtis says:

    Stafford be leading a group of Ram Tough Hellcats on the field! Congratulations to the LA players and coaches. Stay healthy and best of luck moving forward 🙏

  9. AJ Lake says:

    What a second half!
    I’m here for Von Miller. Great to see him make a few plays!

  10. Brenden Verlinden says:

    As a lifelong Lions fan, I knew the Rams were going to win as soon as they got the ball back. Stafford under pressure with time left on the clock is when he’s the most dangerous. I’ve seen it time and time again in Detroit.

    • Cancel.LGBTQ. says:

      Yeah , imagine if Stafford has decent O-line and competent coaches. I watched him wasted most of life playing for Lions. Glad that he plays with decent roster and coach.

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