Reacting to The FNAF Movie Trailer

Reacting to The FNAF Movie Trailer

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Movie Trailer:

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35 Responses

  1. Astal says:

    Seeing the man who introduced me to the Fnaf franchise all those years ago makes me proud of how far Dan and Fnaf have grown throughout the years!

  2. IAmNotJsn says:

    dan recognizing cory probably is the best thing to happen ever

  3. FrostyMC says:

    Glad Dan is getting back to FNAF stuff, love to see it

  4. MarionettePuppetMaster says:

    I remember FNAF during the golden age, and seeing some of my favorite youtubers being in the movie, as well as many people being involved in the movie, and finally seeing the whole movie in theatres after 8 WHOLE YEARS of waiting, makes me feel very surprised and happy for the whole entire community, and very proud for Scott Cawthon for making this whole entire horror franchise; from it’s humble beginnings, to a very successful masterpiece since 2014!

    Can’t wait to see Freddy and the whole gang on the big screen this October, and thank you for joining the whole FNAF hype train since the very beginning.

    And of course, FNAF was also part of my childhood and was one of my favorite franchise of all time since 2014-2015

  5. DumFlame says:

    Who would like to see DanTDM trying to get into FNaF lore?

  6. Switchmanin says:

    So far most video game movies in the recent years have been pretty good; that makes me feel better about this movie. The Mario movie, the two Sonic movies, and some others I may be misremembering have all been great so far.

  7. TDCyber says:

    Dude was not expecting Dan to react to it, I love all the love to the trailer so far

  8. Wayhoo says:

    FNAF was my CHILDHOOD. Seeing this movie finally releasing after so many years of work brings a smile to my face. BRAVO, Scott!

  9. Lemony_Lemons says:

    I am really glad Dan did a reaction on this masterpiece.

  10. CaptainCat101 says:

    No matter how the movie turns out, we’ll at least know the journey was amazing

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