Reaction to Aaron Rodgers & Packers rough loss to Lions, Dallas Cowboys meltdown | Colin Cowherd NFL

Reaction to Aaron Rodgers & Packers rough loss to Lions, Dallas Cowboys meltdown | Colin Cowherd NFL

Colin Cowherd gives his instant reaction to Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers missing the NFL playoffs after losing in Week 18 to the Detroit Lions. He also highlights why Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys may be struggling after losing to the Washington Commanders. Plus, Colin explains why he doesn’t buy those “tanking” allegations after the Chicago Bears secured the No.1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft with getting beat by the Minnesota Vikings, while the Houston Texans took down the Indianapolis Colts.

00:00 – Start
03:17 – Aaron Rodgers’ future
09:14 – “Tanking” allegations
12:53 – Cowboys “embarrassing” loss

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42 Responses

  1. King of Fedoras says:

    Truly felt like a “passing of the torch” moment. Detroit on the rise, with a relatively still young QB in Goff, a great O-line and a great set of weapons. They get some more good players in that secondary and they can be pretty scary.

    • Arlo Pear says:

      Goff is only 28 but I still it’d be a smart move by Detroit to draft a QB in the first few rounds to develop & have him ready to replace Goff in 2 or 3 years & not miss a beat. Hopefully that means they’ll be doing a lot of winning with Goff.

    • William Hermann says:

      @Breezy Keep that same energy when Love is ripping both of those pathetic defenses to shreds for the next decade plus.

    • Win Nguyen says:

      @Miles Perteet THAT TEAM!

    • Chris Petty says:

      Lions have a high first round pick, this team is going to be good next year..I see Lions and Vikings fighting for the division next year!

    • Breezy says:

      @William Hermann lol except he’s not. Detroit and Minnesota running that divison for the foreseeable future. Just stfu

  2. cassapolis says:

    The Lions make the playoffs more often than they beat the Packers in Lambeau in January while also knocking the Packers out. As a Lions fan, of course this would have been even sweeter had we made the playoffs but beating the Packers twice in a season and especially in this fashion is even more special in some ways.

    • Michael Crowhorse - Chavez says:

      GO GO MR GENO the Quite Storm…

    • Michael Crowhorse - Chavez says:

      I love people who shout 1 and done. The same intelligent people who said Seattle Week 1 I was at that one see Wilson crumble to our Dline..🤔😃

    • Michael Crowhorse - Chavez says:

      Classic Day Fam at Game vs Lambs in Emerald City Cold Rain None stop in January sweep in our division an beating them 6 weeks back in Los Angels. They sweep us last yr SB Champs were like sure but we know them well. Hey wE ALL Have injured players. Adam’s returns Next year ! 2. 1st round 2. 2nd rounds n 5rh rounder. 2022 played well 3 if rookies going pro bowl with GENO ?..😁 not just that but same pics in 2023 cause Denver and Wilson finish Loosing record at a horrific ranking!!. Think of the top 8 D players in Collage. 2 or 4 them will come to Seattle in 2023 Draft and a new Qb dont matter who but to have Geno Train up maby we use Lovk trade collateral. Lpl we Realy hope so thise that Belivied in g
      Geno ro beat Drew Lovk out 1st string position!!.📜 Go HAWKS!!!!!

    • Michael Crowhorse - Chavez says:

      95.1% Of the time in January Lambo is is Not Most victories. I knew because w en though we won in Detroit this year wich was a nail biter!. The LIONS were not going to Lambo ti Lay down for Rodgers. You beat them 15-9 home. You have a very gd all around phase TEAM. Alot people actually Belived Detroit was going to Pull it off. We know Quandre Dighs was your Captain. 4 yrs ago we got him he had a Pic yesterday has been our Cap D in secondary an served us well. I belive next year Detroit will be a more even or better match up 2x yr vs Minnesota. You finished 9-8 like us same Winning record good finish!
      The 12s we dont Belive we play Rodgers again as a Packer. You may not eaither!. Wich means there not running away with anything any More.. (Go Lions👍) GREATFUL. ✍💙💚🏈

    • Damzey says:

      @Jeremiah Flowers I’m a Bears fan, and I agree with this message.

  3. Fernicus Shred says:

    Lions fan here…Keeping the Packers out of the playoffs is EVERYTHING to play for.

    • steven cole says:

      It’s a shame as the lions are the best team in the division and would have been it’s best opportunity to have a successful playoff run .

    • The SRB2 BROS Channel says:

      winning and going home must’ve felt good huh??? foh yall suk and always will suk

    • Colby Franklin says:


    • BellyDance & Yoga w/Indigo says:

      A a SeaHawks fan, We Thank u

    • Mike davis says:

      Good game to the lions but leaving green bay out of it could be a “mistake?” Green Bay was in a horrible losing streak and didn’t look like a playoff team could have seen this coming but glad it was close and interesting just hurts but hey gotta hurt then heal then do some hurting

  4. Brock Jensen says:

    Words can’t describe how much I love Dan Campbell. No I’m not a lions fan and yes in the first press conference when he was talking about biting teams knee caps I cringed as hard as anyone but I am 1000% sure no coach in all of football cares about his team more than that man. He loves them and you can just tell how genuine it is.

    I remember back to last season when they lost to the Vikings and Dan started tearing up in the press conference talking about how hard it is to see his team give everything they have and play with such heart to loss to that kicking mistake. That was the moment I knew Dan was the perfect fit for the Detroit lions. A man that has the fight in him like no other but has a deep emotional connection to his team.

    Truth be told I don’t think anyone in the lions organization works harder than Dan on and off that field because of the passion he has for the sport and the love in his heart for these players but in press conferences when they win he doesn’t talk about how hard he’s working he talks about how hard the players work and when they loss he takes responsibility for the L while propping the players up which is how coaching should be.

    If you asked anyone in that locker room if they have had a coach that loves and cares about them more than Dan does I don’t think anyone would say yes and it shows. Since Dan got this job the lions haven’t been even close to the most talented roster in the league but damnit they play with heart. And the reason they play with so much heart is because of their coach and how much they love him. Each and every player on that roster would go to bat for Campbell in a heartbeat because they know damn and well he would be the first to do the same for them.

    I’m a die hard Patriots fan but as a fan of the sport seeing the lions miss playoffs broke my heart but I can’t wait to see what they do next year

    • John Boehmer says:

      I agree that firing Caldwell was stupid. And of course the Lions organization has been very bad for the last 5 years, no question. But why do you and others act as though just because it’s still the same team, that it’s the same people? That’s borderline psychotic. It’s an entirely new group of people now, thus you can only rate them (not Quinn who fired Caldwell, or Millen, who single-handedly almost destroyed the entire city of Detroit, etc), on THEIR merits.

      Have you not seen how perennial losers, with even longer streaks without a championship, have gotten theirs recently? The Red Sox, White Sox, Cubs, New York Rangers, just to name a few. A team’s past has nothing to do with their present.

      Dang Justice, really? Goff hater too? A guy who hasn’t thrown an interception in 10 games…TEN. GAMES. 6th or 7th best in key stats for QBs in the league… You know, the one who can’t win if it’s too cold? Oops, that stupidity was torched four times over this year also. The Rams turned on Goff, destroyed his confidence, and turned him into a slightly below average QB, but he absolutely played great for them for 3 years straight also, won several playoff games. He needs help, like every QB in the game does, that’s all we learned with him. Watch Mahomes – if he’s being rushed, he’ll throw a crap ball nine times out of 10 also.

    • Tony Storie says:

      @Justice85 what team do you pull 4? Sounds like a packers fan.


      😘💋💌 S.W.A.K. !

    • Justice85 says:

      @Tony Storie The team that got destroyed 2 weeks ago In Carolina and now as a 49ers fans you’re afraid to play Lions? You guys are idiots 🤦

    • Justice85 says:

      @John Boehmer They already had a winning coach in Caldwell who was not just making the playoffs consistently but had won a playoff game and they fired him. They haven’t made the playoffs since the idiotic firing of Caldwell. They went backwards as an organization every team in the NFL were scratching their heads over the firing. The point I’m making is that this organization will find away to lose even if they win. Jared Goff is fools gold the very reason Rams dumped him as well.

  5. Tim Castens says:

    Depends on how you look at it, Detroit after starting 1 and 6, they’ve been playing for themselves and their fans all year and to finish it off with a winning season , a win over the Packers, who’ve owned them, I’d say they had plenty of incentive to win.

    • John Boehmer says:

      Green Bay actually hasn’t owned Detroit since the early 2000s. Many splits throughout the time since, and this is now actually the third time in the past 6 years Detroit won in Green Bay.

  6. a v wholesome gamer says:

    Everyone is saying we had “nothing to play for,” but no one is going to take Detroit seriously if we don’t finish strong. Everything we did this season would have been ignored or downplayed. And on top of that we have the chance to be the ones to end Rodgers’ season? PLENTY on the line for us.

    • greyphox says:

      Chicagoan here. First off fuck the packers …..nothing to play for ? How bout finishing above 500….knocking out a division rival……SNF it’s freaking prime time…….

    • Togo Toons says:

      Ha,…I just saw this after posting the same thing! You are SPOT ON!!!!! I hate when people say that they had nothing to play for. The Lions, like many teams in their position had a LOT to play for!!! I guarantee if you were in that locker room with Campbell, his staff and the athletes BEFORE kickoff,….those guys had EVERYTHING to play for!!! That team FINALLY has the one thing that they were missing for decades; self pride!

    • 75 aces says:

      I didn’t see it that way. Obviously you want to make the playoffs, but failing that, as a fan you want to see a team finish without leaving any bullets in the gun. You want to see some progress and momentum fir the next season.

    • random 4815 says:

      I agree. Normally teams don’t care in the last week but I feel like Detroit needed that win to justify the season.

      I mean basically everybody is looking at San Francisco saying “I bet they’re glad they didn’t get Detroit”.

      I mean Seattle started strong but hasn’t looked nearly as good towards the end and the Lions started with tough losses but they’ve looked so good down the stretch. It’s a shame they’re not the ones going

    • Mister S says:

      exactly. This was personal, no way we gonna let that karen rodgers say “we can’t lose to THAT TEAM”. on mnf vs rams ” oh no theres a team thats at .500″. lions kept receipts

  7. zo says:

    Did the lions go 5-1 in division? That’s impressive.

    • The SRB2 BROS Channel says:

      and still on the couch .. impressive huh?

    • Verlin21 says:

      @Fight Forever would have been sick to win and go 6-0 plus make playoffs but next year should be bright!!!

    • Cody B. says:

      @Miles Perteet The funniest thing is that everyone knows the Vikings are a fake team.
      No team has ever had that seed with such a poor point differential, pretty sure they actually have scored less than their opponents overall because they have been walloped so bad in multiple games.
      Enjoy getting maybe one playoff win and being totally irrelevant just like literally every year the Vikings have existed.

    • Cody B. says:

      @Miles Perteet Not delusional, yet you’re a fan of a team who has never even won a superbowl.
      Also hasn’t been since the 70’s, that’s the only reason you care about playoff wins, but they don’t matter if you can never make a superbowl.
      My team sucks, Colts, but at least I’ve seen 2 superbowl appearances in my 27 year lifetime, what have your Vikings brought you?
      Delusional, lmao, I don’t even normally posture like this, but you’re being a d*ck for no reason.

    • Tremaine Roundtree says:

      Really close to beating us the first time game too. Blew us out the 2nd game. They should be 6 and 0 tbh

  8. Steven Kazanjian says:

    Shoutout to the Lions. Can’t wait to see what to see what they can do next year. MCDC should be a candidate for coach of the year. I know lions fans should he excited about the future. They deserve it…..go eagles!

  9. nOOdles says:

    Great end to the season, I wanna see more of these lions!

  10. Thoughtful Bobcat says:

    The Lions GM is the Rams old head of scouts, he is smart he finds great players especially in later rounds, the guy knows his stuff and Dan Campbell is the perfect coach for them.

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