Reaction to Detroit Lions beating Kansas City Chiefs in NFL Kickoff game | Colin Cowherd Podcast

Reaction to Detroit Lions beating Kansas City Chiefs in NFL Kickoff game | Colin Cowherd Podcast

Colin Cowherd reacts to the Detroit Lions beating the Kansas City Chiefs in the first game of the 2023 NFL season.

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51 Responses

  1. SauceGardner1 says:

    Damn, give The Lions their well deserved credit…..they played a hell of a game!!

  2. Arturo Colin says:

    That undefeated season Nick predicted is out the window.

  3. ImportAl says:

    Dan Campbell is a real coach! His team was sharper than the defending champs, don’t let Kelce and Jones’ absence discredit a great road win.

  4. BIGTONY says:

    Nick wright not going to work tomorrow 😂

  5. Ric Blic says:

    Instead of blaming the lack of a Kelsey there were passes dropped by some pedestrian receivers. No running game, you take out Kelsey they ain’t got nothing else that scares teams. So right now a serious injury to Kelsey and the season is over. He should get paid more.

    • Kelli Braaten says:

      Exactly! I thought is the qb soooo amazing without that power duo? Like so many in the past

    • Marc Watts says:

      Simmer down

    • Robert A says:

      This was not about Travis Kelce. Chiefs looked just like they did in preseason except their first string was out there. Never saw so many dropped passes. Did I say dropped passes? Toney flat stunk peaking with that bumble into Branch’s hands for a pic 6. Hutchinson for the Lions was in Mahomes lap half the times he dropped back. Not about Kelce or Jones missing.

    • Scott Van Leuven says:

      I thought your last sentence might be different. Maybe instead of Kelsey getting paid more, the Chiefs should go get an elite WR?

    • Lin Nelson says:

      😂 Naive

  6. Larry Swentzel says:

    Nick Wright’s 20-0 prediction looks really foolish now.

  7. Black_Lion says:

    And Lions didn’t have Jameson Williams. KC lost fair and square

  8. Rychard Shelton says:

    For us who ride the Lions train win, lose, or draw, Congratulations! We did it! These are the greatest fans in the NFL! If you know, you know!!!

  9. New England Pool Player says:

    So happy for the Detroit Lions. They looked great and played such a clean physical game. They showed so much heart. I’m really liking this Team a lot.

    • Felde Jar says:

      Detroit Lions have the most heart out of any team in the league, thanks Campbell, they might not have the best players but he knows how to inspire TF out of them

    • Gerald Thompson says:

      ​@Felde JarBut again that defense isn’t good enough to stop other good offensive teams

    • James Woodring says:

      so glad to see fo-l s like cowsh-t and nick wrong get a good bit-h slap ha ha this is pure gold go lions

    • MrGary10k says:

      @geraldthompson1256  the defense made enough stops to keep KC out of the endzone the whole second half. The superbowl Champs. I think they were pretty solid.

    • Jarrett Hoogerhyde says:

      Nah they didn’t play that clean. Tons of penalties, drops, and a fumble! Good win though

  10. Nivar Revilo says:

    Story of the game was Detroits receivers caught their passes and KC’s. didn’t.. main reason for the win. Congrats Lions!

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