Stephen A. Smith fires back at Skip Bayless’ comments on his podcast

Stephen A. Smith fires back at Skip Bayless’ comments on his podcast

On The Stephen A. Smith Show, Smith gives you his renowned point of view, breaking barriers beyond the world of sports, and tackling pertinent issues across entertainment, pop culture, society, business, and politics. Three times a week, you’ll hear his LIVE unfiltered opinions on the day’s biggest headlines as well as straight-shooting interviews with top celebrities, game-changers, and thought leaders across the societal arena.

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48 Responses

  1. verdell5 says:

    These dudes are debating without even trying. Just like the old days😂

  2. Adan Bean says:

    What’s crazy is Skip and Stephen A. are still doing a show together just on different sets. They stay talking to each other without talking to each other.

  3. Xantana Travels says:

    Skip and Stephen A will always find a way to argue each other 😂😂😂

  4. TheMC2011 says:

    This is the closest we’ll ever get to seeing Stephen A and Skip have another debate. Gotta appreciate this while we can 🙏🏾

  5. Brandon Young says:

    The way these two respect each other while discussing their differences is a lesson for everyone. Respect to both of them.

  6. Skii 4 Eva says:

    The respect they got for each other is unmatched . They literally don’t talk but talk about each other like a conversation just happened between them

  7. David Bagga says:

    I’d love to see skip and Stephen A air it all out.

    Skip: “It’s MY turn! I’ve never seen anything quite like it before! You know it and I know it!”

    Stephen A: “you’re wrong and here’s why!”

  8. JTS1128 says:

    It’s time to get Skip on the Podcast to clear the air.

  9. Vic Bazemore says:

    Stephen and Skip still found a way to debate with eachother 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  10. m google user says:

    need a special edition show w Steven A, Skip, Shannon, and Max!!

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